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In this sequel to 2003's horror thriller 28 Days Later, a highly infectious rage-virus has decimated Great Britain. A small colony of survivors are hunkered down against future attacks in London's "Green Zone," which is under the control of U.S. military forces. (Raging killers indistinguishable from beleaguered citizens, urban guerrilla warfare and a high-tech scorched-earth defense policy: Resemblances to contemporary Baghdad are surely coincidental.) Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Intacto) tosses in plenty of style -- a pounding score, rapidly edited attacks, gore galore and huge special effects -- which go a long way to covering up a rather silly plot, speckled with one-dimensional characters played mostly by unknowns. And Fresnadillo delivers a corker of trip into the subway (a little claustrophobia causes more viewers to squirm than do dozens of lovingly executed exploding heads) and makes excellent use of London's digitally emptied streets. [capsule review]

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