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21 and Over

Get drunk, fall down, repeat until it's funny ... which doesn't happen


If you thought The Hangover was too high-class, this might be the film you've been waiting for. Jon Lucas and Scott Moore's raucous comedy borrows a similar concept. Two buddies take a third out boozing in honor of his 21st birthday, whereby everything gets screwed up; the film opens with the two dudes walking naked and beaten across a college campus, and then we flashback to see how they got there.

The journey — to which you are invited — is one of binge-drinking, girl-ogling and comic, if extreme, violence (buffalo attacks, being thrown out of windows, an inadvertent circumcision). The jokes rely heavily on the word "fuck" being repeated, and a rather outdated palette of racial stereotypes. In all, it's a wearisome 90 minutes. If you pine for such asinine, brotastic adventures, you might as well just go out and have them yourself.

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