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13 Ways of Looking At UPMC

A poem by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center PR department

For Jeffrey Romoff, il miglior fabbro



This is not a hospital.

It's a song to the possibilities that live within us all.

You will see how our organization reaches out to provide the hope, security,

And peace of mind people need.



With Highmark having announced its intention to compete with UPMC as a provider,

There cannot be any prospect of contract renewals.

This is not a business.

It's a state of mind.



This area has seen its good times and its not-so-good times,

Embraced its hellos as well as its goodbyes.

The transition will, of course, involve some disruption.

There are no warning symptoms until advanced stages.

One can notice a lump in the front of the throat.

There can even be trouble swallowing.



Can I keep my UPMC doctor? 

How do I know if my doctor is in my insurance company's network? 

Can you give me an example of the treatment options?

Tell me about the unique patient-centered care. 

Does my condition have to be life-threatening to seek treatment at UPMC emergency department?



The city of bridges has always been the gateway to change. 

At the heart lies a strong pulse, a steady beat that's reflected in the energy of its people. 

When calcification is present, we know that there is plaque, or the build-up of cholesterol. 



This is not a think tank.

It's a collection of people and surprises and ideas you weren't expecting:

UPMC is focused on serving the patient.

We all should welcome more choice and competition in the health insurance market, 

As well as among providers.



UPMC is proud to be part of our city's past, present and more importantly its future, 

Creating a new vision for a new tomorrow.

The saying we use is "time is brain." 



There are more than 50 UPMC Centers for Rehab Services --

We even take the pain out of insurance by accepting most major health plans.



UPMC is helping to move our region from where it is to where it needs to be.

20 years ago we used heart-assist devices as bridge therapy,

But today the devices are much smaller. 



At UPMC Health Plan, we understand the challenges of running a small business.

That's why we do everything we can to keep employers and employees happy.



I have connections to some very important people

I can see the doctor I've known for years.

I feel free.

I have a choice

I have my own health-care concierge 

I have

I have 

I have



Sometimes, change is inevitable. 

The cancer that whispers.



There's a sunrise to balance every sunset.

This is not health care as you know it. 

UPMC has installed hand sanitizers. 

We encourage visitors to clean their hands.




All text culled from: "UPMC Minute" TV spots; other advertisements for UPMC and UPMC Health Plan; UPMC's 2010 "community benefits" report; and recent public statements by UPMC officials. Text edited and arranged by Chris Potter, with apologies to Wallace Stevens

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