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Winter Guide Mix & Match

The Oscar season is more-or-less wrapped up, as evidenced by the line-up of low-thought films set for release over the next few weeks.

Match the upcoming movie with its silly premise.

Things Aren't Quite Normal Here ...

1. A bitchy ghostly thing tries to break up a relationship. A. The Spiderwick Chronicles
2. A mean ghostly thing torments a violinist. B. Jumper
3. War breaks out among time-travelers. C. Strange Wilderness
4. Visit a weird place (includes huge hairy beasts). D. Over Her Dead Body
5. Visit a weird place (includes huge froglike creatures). E. The Eye
6. Visit South America ... with Bigfoot. F. 10,000 B.C.

More Traditional Scenarios:

7. Treasure hunter Matthew McConnaughey goes shirtless. G. Charlie Bartlett
8. Paris Hilton "acts." H. Vantage Point
9. "The President's been shot!" I. Drillbit Taylor
10. High school's tough: Seek therapy. J. Fool's Gold
11. High school's tough: Seek mercenary training. K. The Hottie and the Nottie

Match the goofy character with movie:



L. Postal: Shlockmeister Uwe Boll films another video game. N. Semi-Pro: "Will Ferrell better look out!"
M. Witless Protection: The bare arm of the law. O. Be Kind Rewind: Movie-based head trip from Michel Gondry




Also upcoming:


My Blueberry Nights. Norah Jones in Kar Wai Wong's road movie.
Diary of the Dead. George Romero's zombies are back.
City of Men. Drama about teen gangs in Rio.
Manual of Love. A romantic comedy from Italy. Regent Square
. Extreme winter sports documentary. Harris
Persepolis. Life during Iranian revolution.
Oscar Shorts. Check out this year's contenders. Regent Square
Youth Without Youth
. Francis Ford Coppola's mid-century drama.
In Bruges. Hitman comedy, with Euro style and Colin Farrell.
Taxi to the Dark Side. Doc about 2002 Afghanistan incident.


Horton Hears a Who. Animated version of Dr. Seuss tale.
Pride and Glory. Drama about NYC police.
Meet the Browns. Inspirational guffaws from Tyler Perry's Madea.
Stop-Loss. Iraq-war drama starring Ryan Phillippe.

Film Festivals

Feb. 23. Black Maria Film Festival. The touring avant-garde films. Melwood
March 27-April 13. Pittsburgh Jewish-Israeli International Film Festival. 412-681-8000.
April 5-6. Banff Mountain Film Festival. Carnegie Library in Homestead. 412-255-0564.

Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty
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Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty

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