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Voting now open for Queer Pittsburgh T-shirt design contest

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Image by Ananya Bhat (Instagram: @nanirimo)
Queer Pittsburgh T-shirt design by Ananya Bhat
Who doesn't love a good graphic tee, those pieces of clothing used to express yourself as part of a fandom, a supporter of a cause, or a lover of clever sayings? Now a Pittsburgh LGBTQ organization has a contest asking members of the public to pick their favorite T-shirt design made by a local artist.

Queer Pittsburgh has opened the voting for its T-shirt design contest and fundraiser, inviting everyone to pick their favorites out of designs submitted by 21 artists. The designs vary from cute and funny to irreverent to classically artistic.

Queer Pittsburgh founder and administrator, Kaylin Troiano, says the T-shirt contest idea stemmed from working with her friend, Hannah Confer.

"We were thinking up fundraiser ideas for an art show we want to host eventually for queer artists in our city, and she just came up with this brilliant T-shirt design idea that showcases all of this cool art and helps raise funds too," says Troiano, who runs Queer Pittsburgh with the help of her girlfriend, Lexy Lott.

According to the contest rules, artists could submit any design, even ones not related to queerness.

The contest fits in with Queer Pittsburgh's mission, which is described as "sharing resources for LGBTQIA+ folk in Pittsburgh, artwork by queer people in our community, and information on gender and sexual orientation."

Voters are being asked to choose three designs and submit them through a form on the Queer Pittsburgh website. The winners will receive 25% of proceeds from shirt sales, with the remaining 75% going directly towards funding a yet-to-be-announced "community project" focused on queer artists.

Voters can pick their favorite designs through 11:59 p.m. Sun., Jan. 9 at

Regardless of who wins, Troiano says she is pleased with the submissions Queer Pittsburgh received.

"The designs are just so impressive," says Troiano. "All of them are unique and reach different audiences; I expected to receive beautiful work because of all the talent we have here in the city, but the creativity that was shown is unprecedented!"

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