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The Marzipan is the Message

The flour of political sentiment grows in Regent Square

Icing was strong enough to handle David Green's first foray into political pastry-baking this spring: cookies bearing a peace sign or "war" circled and slashed in red.

Now Green, owner of Sweetie Sweetie bakery in Regent Square, has gone where mere icing would not take him: a cookie protesting U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum prompted by Santorum's comparison last month of gay sex with illegal acts done in private, including bestiality and incest.

"Whatever gets the word out," Green says of his bakery's particular brand of pastriotism.

Scrawling "Santorum" in sugar proved a bit much to accomplish in 60-cookie batches, so Green's baker employs a food-coloring pen to write the Senator's name beneath the slash. Now Green sells his sentiments by the dozen.

"It's an old Hungarian cookie dough recipe," Green says. "We put a fondant icing on it it has a lemon flavor."

While disagreeing with Santorum has gotten tastier, Green says he's received a few negative comments. "One of the first complaints was someone who said they thought a cookie wasn't a political forum," he reports. Green was unswayed; he'll be looking for other chances to create doughy messages. He's not worried about offering equal time to cookies to the right of his own. "I could not do a cookie against my conscience," he says.

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