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Pittsburgh’s People of the Year: Music

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CP photo: Jared Wickerham

Winner: Clara Kent


For those tuned into the Pittsburgh music scene, it’s almost impossible to have not come across Clara Kent’s name at one point or another. In 2019 alone, Kent collaborated with Butler Brew Works to create a beer inspired by her 2018 album, Aura; she performed at Club Cafe, Stage AE, Hartwood Acres, Mr. Smalls Theatre, Picklesburgh, and Light Up Night, among others; went on a mini-tour with London-based music events company Sofar Sounds; and released an album, Mysterious Shit, with Bilal Abbey, Pharaoh Lum, and NVSV. But while Kent was working on her career growth, she spent her time continuously campaigning for other creatives in Pittsburgh. Whether their medium was music, canvas, or fabric, Kent has worked to uplift the creative community as a whole through her outspoken social media platforms. That is the reason Kent was named Pittsburgh City Paper’s Person of the Year for music, for her hard work and dedication to the Pittsburgh music scene, and support for projects other than her own.