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Feed a cute bird, help save Australian wildlife at the National Aviary

As Australia struggles to contain its massive wildfires, reports estimate that a billion animals could already be lost the blaze. Now organizations around the world are rushing to help surviving wildlife, including Pittsburgh’s own National Aviary.

This weekend, the Aviary will reopen its newly renovated Australian rainbow lorikeet habitat and invite the public to participate in special feedings with the colorful parrots. Proceeds from feeding ticket sales will go to the Zoos Victoria Bushfire Emergency Fund, which supports emergency veterinary care for wildlife injured in the fires.

The feedings, which allow visitors to offer cups of nectar to the rainbow lorikeets, will happen three times a day now through Sun., Feb. 2. Tickets are available for $3, or two for $5.

“The National Aviary is heartbroken by the incredible loss of human and animal life in this unprecedented bushfire season in Australia,” says executive director of the National Aviary, Cheryl Tracy, in a press release. “We are proud to donate the proceeds of our Rainbow Lorikeet Feedings for this month to Zoos Victoria, and to support the recovery and rehabilitation efforts for wildlife across Australia. Experiences like this, where visitors can get close to and interact with birds, foster respect and caring for our natural world and the animals who inhabit it.”

The feedings allow visitors to get up close and personal with the rainbow lorikeets, as well as a flock of white-cheeked turacos that also reside in the new habitat. The aviary describes rainbow lorikeets as being one of many native Australian bird species affected by the fires. As the aviary points out, for those that survive, the loss of their habitat and food sources could leave them endangered.

Can’t make the feedings? Consider donating to Zoos Victoria’s Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund online.

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