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D.C. man possibly carrying infectious disease to travel to Pittsburgh during pandemic

click to enlarge D.C. man possibly carrying infectious disease to travel to Pittsburgh during pandemic
Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead
D.C.-area man, aka Donald Trump
UPDATE — 1:20 p.m. Oct. 10:
According to multiple sources, a Washington, D.C.-area man who is possibly infected with COVID-19 has canceled plans to visit the Pittsburgh area. The man, President Donald J. Trump, was planning to visit the Port Ambridge Industrial Park on Mon, Oct. 12, but it was never officially announced and now, sources tell the Beaver County Times and KDKA that the trip has been canceled.

Original story published Oct. 9:
A Washington, D.C.-area man, who last week tested positive and was hospitalized for COVID-19, announced he will be traveling to the Pittsburgh area on Mon., Oct. 12. Allegheny County officials confirmed Thursday that the man, President Donald J. Trump, will be traveling to Pittsburgh, according to WTAE, for what is presumably a campaign event.

Trump first tested positive for COVID-19 on Thu., Oct. 1, before being hospitalized that weekend at Walter Reed General Hospital. CDC guidelines recommend that adults with COVID-19 can be around other people around 10 days after symptoms began. Monday's event is beyond the 10 days, but many are still wary as the White House has not disclosed when exactly Trump has tested negative for the virus, and infections among his staff continue to crop up.

Recovery from coronavirus is around two weeks for mild cases, but can continue for more weeks, or months, for more severe cases, according to the World Health Organization.

Earlier this week, when unofficial reports began circulating that Trump might come to town, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto tweeted his disapproval.

"I thought those who even were in the presence of COVID-19 are to quarantine for 14 days?" tweeted Peduto.
More details about the visit are not yet known, including the location, whether or not the man (Trump) will wear a mask, whether a crowd will gather, and if they will be wearing masks.

If he is still battling coronavirus, coming to Allegheny County could prove even more damaging to his health, as COVID-19 can affect the respiratory system and Pittsburgh has some of the worst air quality in the country. In April, researchers from Harvard University "found that exposure to increased concentrations of fine airborne particles is associated with a 15% increase in coronavirus mortality," according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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