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Best Local Clothing Designer

Angie Fec for Sew Addicted


For plenty of us, "dressing up" means our best Steelers jersey, and "fashion" is something unpleasant involving Europe, New York and Tyra Banks. If that sounds like you, local designer Angie Fec is gonna blow your mind. Her clothing line, Sew Addicted, rocks a funky Western PA attitude, exemplified by one-of-a-kind dresses and shoes in -- what else? -- black 'n' gold.

Fec describes her club-friendly style as "flirty." Sometimes she'll build layers of tulle onto a premade bodysuit or jersey, but mostly she creates cut-and-sew pieces that aren't so much designed as improvised. 

"I do everything backwards," Fec says, over coffee in Bloomfield while wearing a Sew Addicted baseball tee and screenprinted sweats. 

She buys materials that catch her eye, and starts from there. "I've never used a pattern for anything, ever," she says. "I don't like following directions." That some of the fabric is Steelers patterned (duly licensed, she points out) -- well, that just shows her roots. 

While growing up in Allison Park, Fec's first fashion attempts involved converting socks into dresses for her Beanie Babies. She later sought inspiration from her aunt, a local costume designer, and studied fashion merchandising in school. 

When not stitching clothes, Fec works as marketing director at Altar Bar and the North Shore Saloon. She landed the Altar job, in fact, after hosting a fashion show that drew 350 people on an off night. (Her "Sew Addicted" events combine fashion, local music and often, a good deed -- raising funds for cystic fibrosis and other causes.)

Among her clients have been local musicians, including emcee Kellee Maize and Alexandra Naples of Lovebettie, a band you might see at Altar Bar now and then. Her older brother is acclaimed musician Tom Fec -- no stranger to City Paper readers under the stage name Tobacco, of Black Moth Super Rainbow. Their aesthetics couldn't be more different, though: "He's very quiet and dark," says Fec. "I'm the bubbly one."

Even with her strong local ties, Fec does business primarily through Facebook. "I post stuff up there and it sells," she marvels. Another website, Model Mayhem, helps her network with photographers and models. 

But for now, Fec only dresses women. So sorry, guys: If you were hoping for a Steelers three-button suit, you're sew outta luck. 

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