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Art & Exhibits


15 Minutes Gallery, Art, Man and Technology (art by Steve Kilbey), through June 1.
707 Penn Gallery. On This, The Land (works by Michael Ninehouser), through May 22.
709 Penn Gallery. Immersion (installation by Brazilian filmmaker Adriana Babinski), through May 23.
Bella Arte. Landscapes & Florals (oil paintings by Leo Goode), through June 13.
BoxHeart Gallery. Legacy (digital paintings by Kim Curinga), through May 23.
Brew House Space 101. The Distillery Program Season 3 Exhibition, through May 22.
Carnegie Museum of Art. Laboratory of Architecture/Fernando Romero, through May 31; Matsubara: A Celebration in Pittsburgh, through June 7; Forum 62: Maria Grazia Rosin, through June 28; Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller: Opera for a Small Room, through July 19.
Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The Horse, through July 5; Insects, Ink and Inklings: Illustrations by Jane Hyland, through summer 2009; Time Machines: Watches from the H.J. Heinz Collection, through summer 2009.
The Clay Place. Postcards From Denmark (works by Dale Huffman), through June 5.
Fein Art Gallery. Think About It (Associated Artists of Pittsburgh group show), through June 19.
Filmmakers Galleries. Senior Thesis Show, through May 24.
Frick Art and Historical Center. The Road to Impressionism: Barbizon Landscapes from the Walters Art Museum, through May 24; Meissonier: A Final Masterpiece, A Pittsburgh Home, through May 31.
Gallerie Chiz. Clay ... The Cutting Edge (ceramics by Tom Ladousa), through May 30.
Gallery in the Square. Connie Merriman -- Appalachian Landscapes, through May 22.
Gallery on 43rd Street. Colors of Light (pastels by Diane Grguras), through June 30.
Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts. 36th Annual Hoyt Regional Juried Art Exhibition, through June 12.
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation. Wings of Paradise: Watercolors of Silkmoths by John Cody, through June 30.
International Images. Existence (group exhibition of ceramics, photography, and painting), through June 27.
LaFond Galleries. Work by Nellie Lou Slagle, Adelaide LaFond and others, ongoing.
Le Poire. Abstract Cityscapes and Landscapes by Joyce Werwie Perry, ongoing.
Luke and Eloy Gallery. Fibers Expanded (fiber art by 18 artists), through June 6.
Mattress Factory. Thaddeus Mosley: Sculpture (Studio/Home), through Aug. 2; Gestures 12 (group show), through June 21.
Matthews Arts. The Art of Clyde Williams, through May 29.
Meadowcroft Rockshelter & Museum of Rural Life. Events include World Atlatl Competition (June 20 & 21); 19th Century Independence Day (July 4) and Insider Tours of the Rockshelter (July 18, Aug. 22, Sept. 26).
Mendelson Gallery. A Collection of Pittsburgh Scenic Artists Personal Works, through May 30.
Michael Berger Gallery. Work by Thomas Nozkowki, through Aug. 15.
ModernFormations Gallery. Kept Closer: New Works by Jamie Adams, Brett Douglas Davis and Rob Katkowski, through May 29.
Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery. Vision Realized (group exhibition), through July 19.
Moxie DaDA. End of Days (solo show by Shawn Farester), through May 30.
North Hills Art Center. Regional Art Show, through June 10.
Phipps Conservatory. Tropical Forest: Headwaters of the Amazon, through December; also Butterfly Forest and other attractions.
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Guided by the Ancestors (quilts by Tina Williams Brewer); Domestic Landscapes (interactive installation by Aasta Deth); In Between Presence and Absence (installation by Sun-Young Kang); and From Out of This Planet Earth (mixed-media work by Chris Kardambikis), all through June 21. SALIGIA: A Seven Deadly Sins (Pittsburgh Society of Artists themed and juried group show); Revisiting the Work of Henry B (sculptures by the late Henry Bursztynowicz); Now From Then (works by W. Glen Davis); and short animated videos by Drew Pavelchak, Martyna Matusiak and Diane Christiansen, all through Aug. 30.
Pittsburgh Glass Center. Neighborhood Mosaic Project by Davica Davis, through June 14.
Sen. John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center. Portrait of the Allegheny River (photos by John Beale), through September.
Sewickley Gallery & Frame Shop. Modern Abstractions by Carolyn Frischling, through June 15. Botanical Illustrations: An Exacting Beauty, through June 15.
Silver Eye Center for Photography. The Analytical Eye: Photographs by Aaronel deRoy Gruber, through June 27.
Society for Contemporary Craft. Beyond Shared Language: Contemporary Art and the Latin American Experience (group show), through Aug. 29; Eat: An Art Space About Food, through Aug. 29.
Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Johnstown. Kamal: His Passion -- His People (works by Egyptian artist Kamal Youssef), through June 14.
Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Ligonier Valley. A Changing Landscape: From the City to the Country, through Aug. 1.
Space Gallery. Czech It (group exhibition of works by photographers from the Czech Republic), through May 23.
Trinity Gallery. House Artist Exhibit: 10 Artists, 10 Visions, through May 23.
Wood Street Galleries. Machine Improvisations (installation by Dutch art collection Telcosystems), through June 20.
Zombo Gallery. The Imaginary Friends Club (works by cartoonist Kill Taupe), through May 29.


MAY 22

Future Tenant. Silkscreen Artist Stefan Hoffmann, through May 30.


Art & Exhibits
Ninth Anniversary Exhibition - May 26 - June 20

MAY 26

BoxHeart Gallery. Ninth Annual June Anniversary Exhibition (group show), through June 20.


MAY 29

Fe Gallery. Grade A: Choice Cuts by Regional Graduating BFA Seniors, through July 10.


May 30

Sen. John Heinz History Center. Lincoln: The Constitution & the Civil War (traveling National Constitution Center show) and Lincoln Slept Here open.
Sirani Gallery. Peter Max Exhibit (with June 6-7 Max appearances) opens.



15 Minutes Gallery. 2009 Art + Technology Exhibition, through August.



Matthews Arts. The Art of Vicki Ivancik & William Spolar, through June 26.


Art & Exhibits
Reflections - June 5 - July 17


3rd Street Gallery. Gallery walk.
Bella Arte. Explorations in Wire with Articles of Reclamations, by Ron Nigro, through June 30.
Everyone an Artist. Reflections ... The Self-Portrait Reinterpreted (works by artists in Milestone's Day Treatment & Deaf Services program), through July 17.
Gallerie Chiz. Gut (multi-media paintings by Nic Vincent), through June 27. Also, ceramics by Irina Clopatofsky Velasco, through June 27.
Gallery in the Square. Group Show, through July 4.
Garfield Artworks. Works by Amir Rashidd, Hill District artist and storyteller, through June 27.
ModernFormations. The Truth Is Made: Artwork of Benedict Oddi, through July 24.
Sweetwater Center for the Arts. Recto Verso (juried show of artist books), through June 30.
Zombo Gallery. Chicks and Beer, through June 26.


Three Rivers Arts Festival

June 5-14
The retooled fest, now run by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, features live music, art exhibits, a craft fair, food and more. Downtown


Art & Exhibits
Scribbling for Dummies - June 6 - 20


moxie DaDA. Scribbling for Dummies (solo exhibition by Connie Cantor), through June 20. Also: Outside the Mox, an exhibit in conjunction with the Three Rivers Arts Festival, through June 20 (Ninth Street and Penn Avenue).



Sweetwater Center for the Arts. Magic, Alchemy & Shamanism, through Aug. 14.
Zombo Gallery. File: Under Pop (works by Wayno), through July 24.



Space Gallery. Smoke and Mirrors, through Aug. 22.



Future Tenant. City High School Student Show, through June 20.



The Andy Warhol Museum. Warhol Live: Music and Dance in Andy Warhol's Work, through Sept. 13.
Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Double Exposure (fine-art photo panoramas of glaciers affected by climate change), through Sept. 19.



Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts. Prints by Sculptors, through June 24.



Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Johnstown. Artists at Large: Selections from the Permanent Collection, through Sept. 18.



Carnegie Museum of Art. Digital to Daguerreotype: Photographs of People opens.
Luke and Eloy Gallery. Evolution (solo exhibition by Michelle Pajak Reynolds), through July 25.



BoxHeart Gallery. The Traveling Wave (works by international artists), through July 18.



Artists Image Resorce. Summer Bash, tonight only.
Art Loft. Motion Pictures (3-D animation installations by Moshe Mahler), through July 17.
Sen. John Heinz History Center. Forbes Field: Celebrating 100 Years opens.



Matthews Arts. Work by local artist Dawn Pogany, through July 31.
Sweetwater Center for the Arts. Frivolous Collage (works by Danielle Worst), through Aug. 31.



Bella Arte. Color in Abstration (work by three artists), through July 31.
Gallerie Chiz. Schlumpy Funk (works by Laura Jean McLaughlin), through Aug. 1.
Garfield Artworks. Evolution in Art VIII (thrice-yearly showcase, curated by Obsolete, featuring David Cubie, Katie Jarrett, Elan, Masha Vereshchenko, Jason Cantu and others), through July 25.
Pittsburgh Glass Center. 7th Inning Stretch (blown glass by Nancy Callan), through Sept. 20.



Silver Eye Center for Photography. Self Portrait: Silver Eye at 30 (group exhibition), through Sept. 12.


JULY 9-11

Future Tenant. Trespass, a performance artist residency program.



Brew House Space 101. Exhibition of artwork created in Brew House programs. Studies of the human figure in various media, through Aug. 1.


Art & Exhibits
The Dutch Italiantes - July 11 - Sept. 20


Frick Art and Historical Center. The Dutch Italianates: Seventeenth-Century Masterpieces from Dulwich Picture Gallery, London, through Sept. 20.
International Images. Salsa! (month long group exhibition of Cuban art) opens.



709 Penn Gallery. Satan's Camaro (collaboration between Justin Strom and Lenore Thomas), through Aug 14.
Cultural District Gallery Crawl. One night, multiple venues, Downtown.
Future Tenant. Joanne Hsieh and Melissa St. Pierre (installation and sound exhibit including garish ritual objects and diagrams of obscure function).
Mattress Factory. Gestures 13 (group show), through Jan. 3, 2010.
Wood Street Galleries. Physical Conditions (group exhibition), through Sept. 12.



Carnegie Museum of Art. Documenting Our Past: The Teenie Harris Archive Project, Part Three, opens.



BoxHeart Gallery. Cows, Shadows, and More (paintings by Carol Donnelly), through Aug. 15.


JULY 23-25

Future Tenant. Trespass, a performance artist residency program.


AUG. 4

Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts. The Story of Harness Racing by Currier & Ives, through Oct. 23; also, ceramics by Ian Thomas, through Sept. 11.
Matthews Arts. The Art of Robert Huckestein, through Aug. 28.


AUG. 6-8

Future Tenant. Trespass, a performance artist residency program.


AUG. 7

Bella Arte. Figurative Art Show (group show), through Aug. 31.
Gallerie Chiz. 15th Annual Studio Clean-Up Off the Wall Show and Sale, through Aug. 29.
Garfield Artworks. Grrrls Grrrls Grrrls (paintings by Stephanie Woods and 3-D found-object assemblages by Emily Laychak), through Aug. 29.
ModernFormations. The Mr. Gerald Scoops Show: Art by Thad Dachille, through Aug. 28.
Zombo Gallery. Hip, Rustic, and A Bit Unsettling (paintings by Victoria Cessna), through Aug. 28.


AUG. 9

Brew House Space 101. Brew House/Allegheny County Library Association Intergenerational Art Exhibition (third annual one-day showing for a program pairing grade-schoolers with seniors).


AUG. 14

Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Ligonier Valley. Popular Culture: A Retrospective of Published Illustrations by John Ritter, through Nov. 7.


AUG. 15

Brew House Space 101. Brew House Member Artists Open House and Member Art Exhibition, a one-day show.


AUG. 18

BoxHeart Gallery. The 13th Annual Sacred Art Exhibition (juried group exhibition), through Sept. 12.


AUG. 28

Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University. Fall Exhibition (group show), through Dec. 6.
Future Tenant. Architectural Installation, a site-specific installation by Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture students, through Sept. 12.



709 Penn Gallery. Twist, Tie and Multiply: Hands in Action (group exhibition), through Oct. 2.



Gallery in the Square. Mike Kruse, through Oct. 17.
Matthews Arts. The Art of Chantel McCloud, (through Sept. 30).
ModernFormations. Four Weddings, Four Weeks (interactive group exhibition), through Sept. 24.


SEPT. 4-6

Zombo Gallery. Hot Rod Culture Weekend.



15 Minutes Gallery. Oakland, 412-687-2700.
3rd Street Gallery. Carnegie, 412-276-5233.
707 Penn Gallery. Downtown, 412-325-7017.
709 Penn Gallery. Downtown, 412-281-8723.
The Andy Warhol Museum. North Side, 412-237-8300.
Artists Image Resource. North Side, 412-321-8664.
The Art Loft. Mount Lebanon, 412-563-3003.
Associated Artists of Butler County. Butler, 724-283-6922.
Bella Arte Gallery. Shadyside, 412-362-7200.
BoxHeart Gallery. Bloomfield, 412-687-8858.
Brew House Space 101. South Side, 412-381-7767.
Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History. Oakland, 412-622-3131.
Chatham College Art Gallery. Chatham campus, Shadyside. 412-365-1106
The Clay Place. Carnegie, 412-276-3260.
Everyone an Artist. Lawrenceville, 412-681-2404.
Fe Gallery. Lawrenceville, 412-860-6028.
Fein Art Gallery. North Side, 412-321-6816.
Filmmakers Galleries. North Oakland, 412-681-5449.
Frick Art & Historical Center. Point Breeze, 412-371-0600.
Future Tenant. Downtown, 412-325-7037.
Gallerie Chiz. Shadyside, 412-441-6005.
Gallery in the Square. Shadyside, 412-361-3808.
Gallery on 43rd Street. Lawrenceville, 412-683-6488.
Garfield Artworks. Garfield, 412-361-2262.
Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts. New Castle, 724-652-2882.
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation. Oakland, 412-268-2434.
International Images. Sewickley, 412-741-3036.
LaFond Galleries. South Side, 412-431-3337.
Le Poire. Crafton, 412-921-0912.
Luke and Eloy Gallery. Lawrenceville, 412-784-1919
Matthews Arts. Bellevue, 412-761-0301
Michael Berger Gallery. South Side, 412-441-4282.
ModernFormations Gallery. Garfield, 412-362-0274.
Morgan Contemporary Glass. Shadyside, 412-441-5200.
Moxie DaDA. North Side, 412-682-0348.
North Hills Art Center. Ross Township, 412-364-3622.
Phipps Conservatory. Oakland, 412-622-6914.
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Shadyside, 412-361-0873.
Pittsburgh Glass Center. Friendship, 412-365-2145.
Sen. John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center. Strip District, 412-454-6000.
Sewickley Gallery and Frame Shop. Sewickley, 412-741-5858.
Silver Eye Center for Photography. South Side, 412-431-1810.
Society for Contemporary Craft. Strip District, 412-261-7003.
Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Johnstown. 814-269-7234.
Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Ligonier Valley. 724-238-6015.
Space Gallery. Downtown, 412-325-7723.
Sweetwater Center for the Arts. Sewickley, 412-741-4405.
Three Rivers Arts Festival (and Gallery). Downtown, 412-281-8723.
Trinity Gallery. Lawrenceville, 412-687-2458.
Westmoreland Museum of American Art. Greensburg, 724-837-1500.
Wood Street Galleries. Downtown, 412-471-5605.
Zombo Gallery. Lawrenceville, 412-904-3703.

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