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After two explosions in Pittsburgh, police searching for vehicle allegedly involved

click to enlarge After two explosions in Pittsburgh, police searching for vehicle allegedly involved
Photo: Courtesy of Pittsburgh Police
The white truck believed to be in connected to an explosion in Lawrenceville on Sun., Jan. 3
Around 9 p.m. on Sun., Jan. 3, an explosion went off under a parked car on Penn Avenue in Lower Lawrenceville. According to Pittsburgh Police, no one was injured, and a loud bang was reported. About 90 minutes later, a second explosion was heard and reported near Dinwiddie Street in the Hill District. No one was hurt in that explosion, and police reported that no property damage occurred in the second explosion.

Police are currently searching for a white truck they believe to be in connection to the first explosion and have released images of the truck. Police say that security footage show a device, possibly an IED, being thrown from the white truck. The Fire Investigation Unit and the Bomb Squad are investigating the incident, and police advised people to stay aware from Penn Avenue between 35th and 40th streets on the night of Jan. 3.
Around 10:30 p.m., police received a call for the second blast in the Hill District, where some residents reported their homes had shook in response to a blast, and they smelled an odor in the air. Pittsburgh Police Bomb Squad responded to the second explosion with explosives-sniffing dogs, but no evidence has been recovered. The investigation is ongoing.

About two hours after the first explosion in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh Police Cmdr. Jason Lando told TV news that the department no longer believed Penn Avenue was any immediate danger, and police had cleared the scene.

Two weeks ago, several county, municipal, and federal law enforcement officers — including some Pittsburgh Police officers — responded to an alleged non-fatal shooting of a police officer in McKeesport in the afternoon of Dec. 20. Allegedly, several vehicle checkpoints were set up throughout McKeesport stopping dozens of cars, and different departments conducted warrantless searches of homes in search of the suspect, including homes outside of McKeesport. Police reportedly occupied and patrolled McKeesport in search for the alleged shooter throughout the night of Dec. 20.

According to WPXI, the FBI is now assisting the Pittsburgh Police with the investigation to the explosions. On Christmas, a suicide bomber in Downtown Nashville exploded a large bomb causing damage to dozens of nearby buildings. According to the FBI, that Nashville explosion was carried out by Anthony Quinn Warner, who had a social media history of following and perpetrating several right-wing conspiracy theories. 

No information has yet been released on the identify of the person driving the white truck in Pittsburgh on Jan. 3. 

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