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The demise of Gullifty's has some Pittsburghers seeking out new dessert spots

More than fish and city views, Monterey Bay offers some memorable sweet plates

The recent closing of Gullifty's in Squirrel Hill has caused many locals to lament the loss of the eatery's much ballyhooed desserts, a wide assortment of classic pies and cakes.

If there's a silver lining to the demise of the Murray Avenue icon, it's that now Pittsburghers will have to undertake the delicious task of seeking out new places for dessert. Not all restaurants may have a glass case full of coconut cream pies, but many are harboring desserts worth heralding.

One of those is another Pittsburgh institution, Monterey Bay Fish Grotto, known for its wide selection of fish entrees, and great city views at its Mount Washington location.

I took an out-of-towner there for the seafood and cityscape, but the surprise stars of the evening were the desserts. Two standouts would warrant a return trip just to indulge in the last course.

The "steaming chocolate latte" is no beverage. It's a warm, moist soufflé, in a large cup, and topped with Chantilly cream and chocolate "steam." Since it's gluten-free, it's also a great alternative to a chocolate cake. 

Grilled-cheese sandwiches are all the lunch rage, but as a dessert? Try angel-food cake, stuffed with cream-cheese frosting, then grilled. The perfectly caramelized cake is topped with almonds and fruit compote, and served with ice cream.

Pittsburgh is hardly a dessert desert — you just need to look around. Or in this case, up.

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By Mars Johnson