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Southern BBQ and all the fixin's — served in a waffle cone

Find the South Side BBQ Company food truck to try the Bar-B-Cone

As the number of food trucks in the Pittsburgh area continues to grow, it's important for vendors to have something that sets them apart. Several trucks offer staples like burgers, pierogies and hot dogs. But only the South Side BBQ Company truck offers the Bar-B-Cone.

In a homemade waffle cone are layered pepper-jack macaroni and cheese, followed by pulled pork and coleslaw, with barbecue sauce and jalapenos on top. Best eaten with a fork, the cone's ingredients combine to create a dish that is spicy with a hint of sweet. The cone, which might seem an odd pairing for a savory dish, actually complements the mix of flavors.

But if the Bar-B-Cone isn't your taste, the truck, known as the "CarnivoreMobile," also offers more traditional barbeque fare, including: pulled pork, chicken, and brisket sandwiches; ribs; cornbread; and peach cobbler.

South Side BBQ was founded by brothers Mike and Pat Joyce, who wanted to bring their love of Southern cuisine to Pittsburgh. The food is cooked using an onboard smoker they say is "known in the barbeque industry as the Cadillac of smokers."

As a result of the truck's success, in July, the Joyce family opened The South Side BBQ Restaurant, at 75 S. 17th St.

But if you've got a hankering for the Bar-B-Cone, you can stay abreast of the truck's location via Twitter (@Southsidebbqco), or catch it at the weekly Wednesday food-truck roundup at the Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip.