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Savory cocktails to try in Pittsburgh, part deux

click to enlarge An overhead shot looking down on the bar at Siempre Algo where two barteners serve a handful of patrons.
CP Photo: Jared Wickerham
Bartenders Jimmy Wise and Paige Barker work behind the bar at Siempre Algo
Earlier this month, we posted a list of savory cocktails at various bars and restaurants throughout Pittsburgh. Since then, others have come out of the woodwork to suggest even more local drinks that forego sweet ingredients for salty, herbaceous, or spicy goodness. See below for more cocktails to try this winter.
click to enlarge Savory cocktails to try in Pittsburgh, part deux
Photo: Courtesy of Siempre Algo
The O.G-eez Itz

O.G-eez Itz — Siempre Algo
414 E. Ohio St., North Side.

This submission is for the cheeseheads. The cocktail combines sharp cheddar fat-washed Old Grand-Dad bonded bourbon, parmesan, paprika, and Angostura bitters. It's all topped with a crispy cheese tuile.

Dirty Dish Martini — Dish Osteria and Bar
128 S. 17th St., South Side.

The Dish Osteria and Bar spin on this classic cocktail combines locally produced Parking Chair vodka and olive brine and comes with mountain gorgonzola-stuffed olives.

Umeshu White Mezcal Negroni — Umami Izakaya
202 38th St., Lawrenceville.

This negroni from Umami includes Umeshu pickled plum sake and Aveze Gentiane liqueur, described as having grassy, floral, and citrusy notes, as well as anise.

Spicy, Dirty Pickle Vol.2 — The Abbey
4635 Butler St., Lawrenceville.

The Abbey brings the heat with flavors of jalapeño-infused Japanese Roku gin, olive, and dill pickle.

Perfect Storm and Thyme Out — The Forge
3345 Penn Ave., Lawrenceville.

This self-described "craft-cocktail and Mediterranean small-plates lounge" recommended two seasonal drinks. The Perfect Storm comes with beet-infused vodka and lemon, and has "floral notes." Thyme Out, a martini-forward cocktail, features herb-infused gin, orange, and Lillet Blanc.

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