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Platform Beer Co. turns another Prantl's treat into a beverage

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CP photos: Jordan Snowden
Back in April, Platform Beer Co. gave lovers of Prantl's burnt almond torte a new way to enjoy the signature flavor with the release of Torte, a blonde ale inspired by the classic cake. Now the Cleveland-based company is giving it another go, this time liquifying Prantl's chocolate almond torte.

Described as a sweet stout, the chocolate torte beer was brewed with chocolate, lactose, vanilla, and of course, Prantl's almonds. The alcohol content clocks in at 8.5 percent, with an IBU of 27.

Critics of the Torte, i.e. my coworkers, said that it tasted too sweet, in an artificial almond syrup way. Yet the Torte was also brewed with Prantl's almonds. Perhaps because of hearing that kind of feedback, Platform reduced the amount almonds used for the chocolate version because, while the chocolate almond torte stout is indeed sweet, almond isn't the most notable flavor in the beer. In fact, it tastes more like a sweet coffee beer than the chocolate cake. If I was given this beer randomly in a bar, I would have noticed no correlation to the Prantl's almond torte.
On its own, the beer left more to be desired. Paired with the chocolate torte, however, the stout complemented the cake well.

Unlike the regular burnt almond torte, which is a soft yellow cake filled with vanilla custard and topped with buttercream and sugared almonds, the chocolate torte is denser and not craving-inducing. It's still topped with the signature sugared almonds, but the filling inside is more icing-like than custard. The cake itself is moist and fluffy, but honestly doesn't come close to the original. But hey, its always nice to have options.

Four-packs of the beer are available at select retailers throughout Pittsburgh. Only one batch was brewed, so once it's gone, it's gone. For those hoping to try the chocolate torte alongside the beer, contact Prantl's locations in Shadyside and Downtown in advance, as the cake must be special ordered.