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More sugary treats sweeten up Market Square

They say cupcakes are the new cultural currency of cities, but you just can't beat that new doughnut-shop smell.

And on Mon., June 30, Market Square Downtown was filled with the sugary, coffee aroma being pumped out from the grand opening of a new Dunkin' Donuts, the highly fetishized New England cruller chain. Even a misting summer rain didn't keep people from standing in a long but fast-moving line for sweet doughy goodness and coffee.

If local blogs, message-boards and the folks waiting in line are to be believed, the opening was indeed grand, satisfying those who had been breathlessly waiting for this hole-y day.

"We're leaving the city today for a month but we stayed," explains Angela Condor, sitting at a table outside the balloon-bedecked storefront with Drew Waligora. "We were thinking about leaving earlier this week, but we wanted to come get coffee." The pair had walked over from the North Side.

"I lived in Philadelphia for four years, going to school," Waligora says. "This coffee got me through."

"It was definitely missing," adds Condor.

In years past, the chain had a location on Wood Street, but it closed, leaving Dunkin'-devoted Downtowners in the lurch.

Terry Wolfe also came for the coffee, and says the folks at her office had been looking forward to today. "We were all waiting patiently," she says.

Paul Kelly stood in line to buy a box of doughnuts for his employees at America's Best. "We were all anticipating [the opening]," he explains. "It's a nice way to treat the employees. There's no place else to get doughnuts."

Of course, that's not entirely true.

Jenny Lee Bakery has been in Market Square for more than 50 years, and doughnuts are included in its big array of baked goods. The owners, the Baker family, don't seem worried.

"Seven or eight years ago, a bagel shop opened [in Market Square]," says Bernie Baker. "We sold more bagels."

"Competition's good for everyone," adds Beverly Baker. "Our customers will try Dunkin' Donuts and come back. It'll bring more people into the square."

"People will come and say, 'Oh yeah, Jenny Lee's here!'" adds Scott Baker.


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