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Live every day (this week) like it's Shark Week at Bethel Bakery

click to enlarge Live every day (this week) like it's Shark Week at Bethel Bakery
CP photos: Maggie Weaver

Sunday night kicked off the toothiest seven days of summer: “Shark Week.” The Discovery Channel tradition of broadcasting shark content back-to-back is returning for year 31, this time with 20 hours of “bigger sharks and bigger bites.”

Bethel Bakery is joining the celebrations with shark-themed baked goods. Both the Bethel Park and North Strabane locations are featuring “Shark Week”-inspired products through Sat., Aug. 3. 

Indulge in Shark Attack Itty Bitty cakes or the less gruesome, smiling-shark itty bitty. Take revenge on Jaws and attack the Shark Shortbread Cookie. Full-size cakes include the 3D shark, triple-layer garnished with a shark fin, and wave cake. Raspberry-filled fin-bearing cupcakes and jelly-filled fin doughnuts finish off the pack. 

This year, the bakery is also selling shark-themed tees. The shirts sing, “Cookie shark do do do do do do…” (you know the rest), the song ending with a “CRUNCH” instead of an attack. 

Throughout the week, Bethel Bakery is offering daily specials on these edible sharks. Buy a shark shirt today and get a free shark cookie. On Thursday, buy five shark donuts and get one free. For the full list of discounts, visit Bethel Bakery’s social media pages. Every shark product purchase will land you one ticket that can be entered in the bakery’s raffle to win shark-themed and baked goods. 

Bethel Bakery is not the only local business to catch shark fever. Page Dairy Mart is offering a Shark Attack Slush (garnished with gummy sharks and Sour Patch Kids) and Oakmont Bakery is featuring fin cupcakes. 

Shark Week only rolls around once a year, so snag up these shark goodies before they’re gone.