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Grill it like you mean it: Tips for a great grilling season from the Pennsylvania Beef Council

Summer is peak grilling season. And if you’re planning to fire up a few steaks this year, the Pennsylvania Beef Council is here to help with a guide and a few tips that will guarantee a great grilling season.

The first thing you need to know is your cuts and grades. Steaks come from various parts of the animal, which influences its taste and tenderness. Do some research to find out what cut will work best for you. Steaks come in various grades, too. Prime has abundant marbling and is juicy, tender, and flavorful; choice has less marbling than Prime, but is still flavorful, tender, and juicy; select has the least marbling and can be less flavorful, tender, and juicy compared to the higher grades.

Then, figure out your desired temperature (in Pennsylvania, medium rare is 145 degrees, medium is 160 degrees, well done is 170 degrees, and ground beef should be cooked to 160 degrees.)

Now, you’re ready to grill. Use these tips to make sure the grilling goes smoothly:

1. Preparation pays off. Pull your beef directly from the fridge, season well, and get grilling right away.
2. Make sure your grill is clean and the rack is well-oiled. Set the grill at medium-high heat.
3. Use an instant-read thermometer to monitor done-ness. Don’t flip the steaks too much – one flip is usually all you need. Keep in mind the internal temperature will continue to rise for a few minutes after coming off the grill.
4. Be sure to rest your meat before serving, it prevents all of those tasty juices from draining onto your plate. Five minutes is typically sufficient.
5. Finalize the steak. If you are slicing the steak before serving, be sure to cut!

If you’re in need of more tips and tricks for your grill, visit Happy grilling!

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