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Garfield bar Mixtape announces closure

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Another local establishment has announced that it will close after facing insurmountable changes due to COVID-19 restrictions. Mixtape, a bar and cafe on Penn Avenue in Garfield, announced on July 20 that it would be closing permanently.

Owners Katie Molchan and Elaina Holko explained their closure with Instagram and Facebook posts, saying that it was "truly one of the hardest decisions we have had to make."

"Our model simply could not be molded to meet the new, challenging landscape of the service industry in a way that we found sustainable or meaningful," reads the statement. "With our world shifting to ensure everyone's health and safety, we hope you have all found new ways to connect with one another until spaces like ours can one day make their way back to reality."
Mixtape differentiated itself from other bars in the city by focusing less on selling large quantities of alcohol and more on creating a welcoming, communal atmosphere, like offering a wide selection of mocktails and paying employees fair wages.

The list price of Mixtape's cocktails — which had punny names like "Beets by Dwight" and "Pear Force Ones" — included a gratuity fee, so patrons didn't have to tip and employees didn't have to rely on customers leaving a good tip. Instead, Mixtape had a "tip jar" at the bar where all money went toward different organizations. Most recently, Mixtape donated $927 to PAAR (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape).

Mixtape is only the most recent of several businesses on the Bloomfield/Garfield stretch of Penn Avenue to close. Workshop PGH recently announced it would be moving to a smaller location, and antique store ARTica recently announced it would be closing.

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