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Five of the best non-local breweries that will ship beer to your house in Pittsburgh

While the pandemic made for a tough year for a lot of industries, it offered an opportunity for many in the beer industry. With so many people stuck at home missing their local pubs, if a brewery could get beer delivered to consumers, they’d do well. And with many states changing their shipping laws to accommodate the new normal, there quickly became an opportunity to get beer Pittsburghers may brews they'd never have been able to try before, right at their doorsteps. Here are 5 of our choices for the best (non-local!) breweries that will ship right to your house in Pittsburgh.

(Note: Due to Pennsylvania’s strict booze laws, many of the places listed have restrictions on how much beer they can deliver. While not every place follows these rules, make sure you check ahead of time when you’re ordering.)

Other Half Brewing Company

Brooklyn, NY

One of the true OGs of the microbrewery scene, Other Half has gone from pumping out incredibly hyped IPAs in their tiny Brooklyn taproom, to producing up to 10 beers a week in four different locations — and adding a Pennsylvania location soon! If you told most craft fans five years ago that they’d be able to get a mixed case of Other Half beers sent right to their doorstep, they’d call you crazy, but here we are. You’ll love their lagers, sours, and stouts, but the IPAs are the bread and butter; beautifully juicy beers that redefined the style.

Burial Beer

Asheville, NC

Asheville has more breweries per capita than anywhere in the U.S. other than Portland, Maine, and Burial Beer is one of those places that (I’m told) is best experienced in person. In the meantime, however, you can get their wonderful beer at home. Expect beer names like Death Be No Escape in the Valley of the Neverstill, can art that resembles Hieronymus Bosch, and beer you’ll be blown away by.

Imprint Beer

Hatfield, PA

The rest of Pennsylvania can certainly provide top quality beer as well. Imprint might be more of an acquired taste for some, but if you like your beer with a lot of fruit in it, man is this the spot for you. I think all I need to do is describe one of their beers, Lollipop Schmoojee a La Mode, with strawberry, chocolate, coconut and real ice cream, and I think you’ll get the point. Get on these beers right when they go on sale, each Sunday at 7 p.m.

The Veil Brewing

Richmond, VA

With one of the cooler marketing teams in the industry, The Veil has always stood out. To debut their Anniversary beers earlier this year, they dropped a short movie that felt more like an A24 movie than a beer ad. Luckily, the beer will keep you just as intrigued. Due to Pennsylvania laws, you can’t order much, so choose wisely. But with decadent stouts, crisp pale ales, and naturally made wild beers, you’ll have a lot to pick from.

Kane Brewing

Ocean Township, NJ

Last but not least comes a brewery out of New Jersey that you’ll just have to trust me on, considering I just ordered from them myself. In a world of “hype” beers selling out in a matter of seconds on online platforms, it’s not often you can go to a breweries website and grab a whole variety of incredible barrel aged stouts, as you can with Kane as of right now. They offer far more than that as well, providing some rare treats that up until recently you couldn’t find anywhere in Pennsylvania.

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