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Bull River Taco branches into Squirrel Hill

Try chicken, beef, pork and veggie tacos with signature sauces

For a little over a year, Bull River Taco has been delighting Pittsburghers at its South Hills location on Route 51. But now, residents on the other side of town in Squirrel Hill can partake, too. 

“We’re filling a gap that was in the area,” says Jeff Horrell, manager of Bull Rivers’ Squirrel Hill location, slinging tacos in the space previously occupied by Waffallonia. “There was no other taco place around here. We’ve heard that since day one. They needed this.”

Bull River Taco opened its second location this summer, and the menu features the same favorites offered at the sister establishment: chicken, beef, pork and veggie tacos with Bull River’s signature sauces. The bull’s-eye sauce is made from a combination of mayonnaise, spices and ranch seasoning, while the cholala cream is a mix of sour cream, black pepper and garlic salt. 

Bull River’s ethos is to offer simple yet high-quality tacos, similar to what you might get at a taco truck or a roadside stand. Tacos come garnished with traditional ingredients like guacamole and pico de gallo; sides include black beans and chips with salsa. Plus, at $3 each, Bull River’s tacos come at prices that let you try several. 

If tacos aren’t your thing, Bull River also offers nachos and taco salad. And be sure to grab a Mexican soda to wash it down.

1707 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill. 412-421-8226

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