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At Second Breakfast, diners can indulge in the morning meal all day long

The Pittsburgh Public market-based spot is focused on local and organic offerings

When local chef Thomas Wood wanted to find a way to make local organic food more accessible to city residents, breakfast seemed like the perfect meal to focus on.

"Breakfast is what I've always enjoyed cooking [for] most for my friends," says Wood. "And the best part is — you can have breakfast at any time of the day."

His latest endeavor, Second Breakfast, opened in November. The stand, located at the Pittsburgh Public Market, features Belgian liege waffles, Japanese tamagoyaki omelets and bacon weave.

This is breakfast with an organic twist. The menu also includes hashbrowns fried in duck fat and duck bacon from locally raised birds. And despite Wood's commitment to using organic and local ingredients, his offerings are affordable as well.

"It's little twists on breakfast," explains Wood. "I want people to be able to come somewhere in the city and have a delicious breakfast for under $10."

Now Wood wants to take his concept on the road. He has plans to launch a food truck in the near future and has begun looking for funding.

He received a $5,000 microloan from Kiva Zip that was funded in just five days. Another crowd-sourcing campaign on Indiegogo is currently underway.

"I believe in local and organic food. I believe it's better for us and better for the environment," says Wood. "I want people to be thinking about what they eat every day."