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A new cart on Pitt's campus offers made-to-order "pour-over" coffee

Cart-owner Jeremy Raymer trained in the technique in New York and San Francisco

As an electrical engineer, Jeremy Raymer used to spend his days poring over schematics and such. As of last week, though, he's found a new line of work — "pour-over" coffee, which he brews to order at a cart on Pitt's campus.

Raymer, a Pitt grad who grew up in Glassport, opened Jeremy's Cart, featuring Blue Bottle Coffee, on Mon., Oct. 28. It's no grab-it-and-go coffee fix; the pour-over method, with each cup brewed individually, takes a few minutes, but results in much greater depth of flavor. Raymer has a few kettles of hot water going at any given time, and he and the cart's other worker, Jared Pavlecic, take turns performing the specialized task of the pour — which they learned through trainings in Brooklyn and San Francisco. The cart serves coffee from Blue Bottle, a roaster founded in the early 2000s by a former symphony musician in San Francisco.

Perhaps a brick-and-mortar location is in the cards for Raymer someday, and occasionally he'll work events like this Saturday's Smorgasburgh pop-up food event at 23rd and Smallman, in the Strip. But for now, the cart, which sits in front of the William Pitt Union on Bigelow Boulevard daily from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., is Raymer's only location — its red umbrella is its main safeguard against the weather.

That's fine by Raymer. "I was so tired of being cooped up in a construction trailer" as an engineer, he says. "I love being out here among all these people."