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This Just In: October 29 - November 5

Indian Bummer

Summary: Oh goodness! It's the last day of Indian summer! Reporter: David Hall, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 1 minute, 38 seconds on Oct. 22 Visuals: * The time and temperature reading next to the KDKA logo on the bottom of the screen, which reads 66 degrees. * Pedestrians about town, including a woman who is interviewed for the story and identified as, "Walks to Work." * A woman who, contrary to Hall's assertion, is in fact wearing a jacket. She even gets a close-up at the end of the story. Highlights: * When anchor Stacy Smith observes, "It is another beautiful fall day: sunny skies, warm temperatures. It is gorgeous! People are out taking in this Indian summer day." * When Hall says, "[I]f you look, people aren't wearing any coats, they're not wearing any scarves or gloves ... and don't these people know that it's fall -- in Pittsburgh? Well, they certainly are taking advantage of this beautiful day." * When Hall paints this picture: "Yes, this is late October in Pittsburgh, and yes, you are watching people moving about through town in their shorts, in their skirts and in their flip-flops." * When a male college student exclaims, "I feel nice. I mean, it's a nice little breeze." * When Hall adds, "The leaves are changing colors and looking a lot more festive, which is normal for autumn, but it does not feel like fall." * When Hall explains the "phenomenon": "We're dealing with what's called an 'Indian summer.' It's where temperatures are unusually warm during mid-to-late October" * When a Pitt student from Texas says, "It feels like a perfect fall day in Texas." * When Hall ends, "And this'll probably be the last 70-degree day, so enjoy it while you can." What We Learned: What a naysayer the news likes to be when it comes to weather! (Unless, you know, it's Kennywood Day for the station or something.) This Thursday and Friday, weather services are predicting temps in the upper 60s. Which means that we might again hit 70 degrees. Unanswered Question: Is this a story about weather -- or fashion? News Value: 0. I think a story explaining the origin of the phrase "Indian summer" would be a lot more interesting. Hall's blinding smile soft-pedals the underlying message, "Enjoy it while it lasts, because it's gonna suck after this!" I felt like I was watching a parody of the local news -- which, many times, already feels like watching a satire ... can you parody a parody?