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This Just In: October 1 - 8

The Mourning After 

Summary: The Steelers lose and the morning news sings the blues. Reporter: David Hall, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 1 minute, 29 seconds on Sept. 28 Visuals: * A giant graphic of our team's logo with the caption, "Steelers Loss." * Hall, looking more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than the Steelers yesterday, outside Heinz Field in the wee, dark hours of the morning. Highlights: * When "comeback" morning anchor Jennifer Antkowiak (what, you didn't know?), announces, "A tough loss for the Steelers and us fans to wake up with this morning. Even though the Steelers did seem to dominate the Cincinnati Bengals, they ended up falling short in the end. ... Good morning, David." * When Hall returns the greeting, "Good morning, Jennifer. Not only do the Steelers have a losing record, but this is the second time that they've blown a fourth-quarter lead, and this time it was against the Cincinnati Bengals." * When he continues, "This loss snapped the Steelers eight-game winning streak in Cincinnati. It's the second time they've lost there in the 10-year history of the stadium there. The Steelers are now behind in the win-loss column at one-and-two after letting the Bengals win the game in the final 10 minutes. But, the defending Super Bowl champs aren't panicking yet. They say they just need to focus in on the details." * When coach Mike Tomlin huffs and puffs, "We got some work to do. We gotta finish football games better. That's the mark of a champion. It's not us at this point. We gotta continue to grow." * When Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward posits, "[T]here's nothin' we can do about it. We can't rewind and go back and play those games. We gotta just learn from them. And you know, the key word from the last few games: finish." What We Learned: It ain't over till it's over. Unanswered Question: Why does Jennifer say "good" morning to David, and David returns the greeting, after they just told us what a terrible morning it is because the Steelers lost? News Value: 3. Sports rhetoric after a loss just never changes, and I always feel like I'm watching a funeral. Let's hope this story gets buried under a Steelers victory next game.

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