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This Just In: March 5 - 12

My Snowmance

Summary: How some people cope with snow. Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: Mary Robb Jackson When it Aired: Feb. 29 Running Time: 2 minutes, 4 seconds Visuals: * Jackson looking lovely in her hooded winter coat on the North Shore, as the skyline lights up behind her in the darkness of evening. * Snow flying everywhere. Highlights: * When anchor Patrice King Brown declares, "Gridlock has been reported in ... Squirrel Hill and other city neighborhoods. The streets are very slippery." * When Jackson segues, "Well, I'm here on the North Shore, Patrice, and right now, I think this is snow. It has really been very slowgoing this rush hour. ... But the arrival of the storm brought some interesting perspectives in Market Square." * When Jackson narrates, "This latest storm transformed Market Square into a city snowscape in no time. The symphony of snow removal had begun. The scrape of a shovel, a spray of salt. ... [This man] finds joy wielding his snow squeegee." * When Public Works Director Guy Costa assures, "We're prepared, we have crews scheduled to work, you know, 12-hour shifts until we get it done." * When a male postal worker remarks, "I remember a lot more worse winters when I was younger, so I think I'm kinda grateful for global warming." * When Costa observes, "This is probably one of the snowiest Februaries we've ever had." Oh come on: You say that every year, Costa. * When Jackson asks a fluffy, white growling pooch, "You don't like the snow?" What We Learned: Sometimes, dogs answer questions better than people do. Unanswered Question: If you don't know whether it's snow, can't you just call Verszyla or something? News Value: 4. More points if you do a follow-up in the summer with the same mailman and ask how he likes global warming then.


Give a Man a Fish, Already

Summary: This week's Lenten "fish fry" feature. Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: David Highfield When it Aired: Feb. 29 Running Time: 1 minute, 33 seconds Visuals: * Highfield loitering in a church parking lot, apparently fishing for a news story. Highlights: * When anchor Kristine Sorensen says, "As we said, the roads are really a mess right now." * When Highfield takes over, "Yeah ... we, in fact, came out here to profile another fish fry here at St. Bartholomew's Church, and there's no one inside there because of the weather. In fact, take a look here at this parking lot. This is a popular fish fry normally, just empty right now. It took us an hour and 45 minutes to get here from Downtown." * When Highfield introduces us to this man: "Bob, however, braved the weather to come here to the fish fry, and tell us what your drive was like getting over here." * When "Bob" reveals the gripping details of his commute: "It was slow, slushy, ah, I saw some plows out." * When "Bob" warns, "If you drive slowly, you can get here. But, ah, it is slippy. It is slippy. Just be careful." * When Highfield ends, "Well put. Thanks a lot, Bob. Thanks for talking to us. We'll let you get in and get a fish sandwich." What We Learned: That maybe KDKA should have sent Highfield on bingo night! Unanswered Question: If no one is there, who's going to make Bob's fish? News Value: 0. Why do I feel like I have a bone stuck in my teeth after watching this?


Cholesterol and You

Summary: Analyzing your cholesterol reading. Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: Dr. Maria Simbra When it Aired: Feb. 29 Running Time: 3 minutes, 15 seconds Visuals: * People on the street Downtown, apparently blissfully unaware of their cholesterol levels. * Exciting illustrations of cholesterol particles. Highlights: * When anchor Kristine Sorensen states, "We've all been trained to get our cholesterol checked, and to take action to reduce it if it's too high." (Really?) "But did you know you could still be in danger even if your numbers are low?" * When Simbra asks, "What do you know about your cholesterol?" * When she elaborates, "Some people know their total cholesterol reading, but there's more to it than just a single number." * When Simbra suggests, "To figure out your risk, your doctor takes into account your total cholesterol, but also how much [cholesterol] subtypes you have. For example, you could be at high risk even if your total cholesterol is normal, but your protective HDL is low. ... But even with diet and exercise, some people can't make those numbers budge." What We Learned: We're all going to die. Unanswered Question: Is there a sharp rise in "bad" cholesterol among Catholics during Lenten fish fry season? News Value: 2. You always play it safe, KDKA. Next time, mix it up a little: Send Highfield to the cholesterol doctor, have Simbra do a fish-fry story, and Jackson could do a story I didn't have room to profile here -- about callers who thought they were dialing Medicare and got a sex line.

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