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This Just In: March 26 - April 2

Things'll Be Great When You're Dahntahn

Summary: A grocery store opens to much pomp and circumstance in the Golden Triangle! Station: WTAE Channel 4 Reporter: Kelly Frey When it Aired: March 18 Running Time: 2 minutes, 18 seconds Visuals: * A shot that lingers on giant cucumbers piled neatly on a produce shelf. Highlights: * When anchor Mike Clark announces, "Yep, you heard it right: After more than 14 years, there is now officially a new grocery store in downtown Pittsburgh. * When anchor Sally Wiggin squeals, "Not only does it have all the basics, it also offers catering, green products and a meeeean deli sandwich. [Frey] had the tough assignment -- ooh, I would love this! -- of giving you a taste of what's inside." * When Frey, who always seems on the verge of an orgasm, waxes jubilantly, "All the shelves are stocked, the cash registers are ringing and the staff is here to greet you with a smile." She accepts what appears to be a melon ball from a fruit tray, and giggles, "I'm gonna try one, thank you. We're inside the new grocery store in downtown Pittsburgh -- Rosebud is open for business." * When she narrates, "Thirty-one hundred square feet of fine food, prepared meals and meats, organic fare and just about every type of pastry or produce in between." * When a female shopper lauds, "I can park in a parking garage, get out of the car, come in here, get something before or after work and it's super-convenient." * When another shopper says, "I thought I'd stop in because this would be ideal if I could stop here instead of hopping off the bus, going to the supermarket, hopping back on the bus and going home." * When Frey reports, "During Rosebud's soft opening on Monday, more than 120 shoppers filed in. ... Today, there have already been many more. ... Rosebud Fine Food seems to be the answer to what Downtown dwellers have been clamoring for." * When County Executive Dan Onorato blabbers, "Our residential Downtown is a steady, slow growth. ... That allows these kind of buildings to open up and these stores to open up." * When Mayor Luke Ravenstahl adds his sagacious thoughts: "Pretty much everything you need to, uh, um, to have a full-service grocery store is here, so it's exciting and uh, hopefully it's another step in the revitalization of downtown Pittsburgh." * When Frey asks Ravenstahl about the food he tasted: "The ham was great. It was great. And they offer catering services, I'll put a little plug in for them." * When the owner of Rosebud, Robin Fernandez, admits, "You know, this is a risky venture, I guess you could say. I mean, nobody's done it for 15 years, so there's been a reason for that." * When a Downtown resident remarks, "I'm awfully glad that it's here. It is a phenomenal addition to Downtown living, no doubt about it." What We Learned: Rosebud, I think you have your new "face" -- Ravenstahl will look great hawking those cucumbers in a TV ad! Unanswered Question: And what, exactly, are we doing with that Lord & Taylor building? News Value: 4. The story -- 14 years in the making -- pretty much tells itself, with Frey doing little more than acting as a melon ball model.



Summary: Finding the right bra. Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: Kristine Sorensen, sort of When it Aired: March 19 Running Time: 1 minute, 59 seconds Visuals: * A clip from a Victoria's Secret ad, featuring a model lolling about near a breezy window in an animal print brassiere and matching panties, kind of like I do when I write this column. * Before-and-after photos from "bra interventions." Highlights: * When Sorensen reads, from the canned feed: "Nearly $9 billion a year is spent on bras. Yet, Consumer Reports' ShopSmart Magazine says for many women, it's not money well spent. A recent survey by the magazine shows one in five women has regrets about the bra she's purchased. So, here are a few secrets to getting it right." * When she continues, "This Victoria's Secret model may look pretty comfortable in this commercial, but when it comes to real women, buying a bra can be anything but clear-cut." * When a lingerie-salon owner asserts, "I think most people really don't know their correct size." * When Sorensen cuts in, to make it appear as though she may have actually had a hand in writing the piece: "[The owner] teamed up with Consumer Reports ... to size up the bras of five staffers." * When a female magazine staffer offers, "The right-fitting bra is essential, but what was surprising to us is that the five women who we gave bra interventions to were wearing the wrong bra. Either it was the wrong cut or the wrong size." What We Learned: The A, B, C -- and double-Ds -- of bra shopping. Unanswered Question: Will someone please invent the "manziere" -- or is it a "bro"? News Value: 1. Don't we have this story at least once a year?

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