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This Just In: June 12 - 19

Sweating the Details

Summary: City dwellers and suburbanites fight the same nemesis: heat! Reporter: Ross Guidotti, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 2 minutes, 42 seconds on June 8 Visuals: * Guidotti reporting from Downtown at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. * Several shots of the sun, apparently the source of this nuisance. Highlights: * When anchor Stephanie Watson announces, "Despite the scorching heat, people were out and about trying to enjoy their weekend. And with them, our ever-cool Ross Guidotti." * When Guidotti responds, "I'm sorry, I was almost overcome by the heat there for a second there, Stephanie." * As he begins, "You know, there's an old Neil Simon play in which the main character describes excessive heat as 'Africa hot.' Well, guess what? For a lot of folks, including this reporter, it was 'Africa hot' today." * When a man counsels, "We'll just have to keep praying that the weather cools off." * When Guidotti illustrates, "According to this more-than-likely wildly inaccurate sign, at 3:03 p.m. it was 100 degrees in Castle Shannon" -- and then says, as the digits on the sign change -- "OK. It was 99 degrees in Castle Shannon, PA." * When he says, "New Kensington, Pennsylvania felt like New Delhi, India." * When an elderly woman tells Guidotti, "I haven't been swimmin' for years." * When Guidotti reports, "At South Park's wave pool, hundreds decided [dramatic pause] not to wait that long." * When he continues, "Swimming on a day like this makes sense, of course. A car wash for charity? Absolutely. But working on a car in this sweltering heat ... or playing roller hockey on super-heated blacktop, well, that does take a lot." * When a Bethel Park teenager comments, "It's horrible. The sun just reflects right off the ground and you just have to keep stopping." Guidotti says, "You must really like hockey." He replies, "Uh, yeah." * When Guidotti offers a litany of heat-coping tips, including this piece of advice, "Drink lots and lots -- and I might add, 'lots' -- of water. Even when you're not thirsty you're gonna need it." What We Learned: It's best to pool your resources on hot days! Unanswered Question: Was Guidotti overcome by the heat from the outdoors -- or from Watson? News Value: 2. Great visuals make this a nice eye-candy story, but the same-old, same-old doesn't get much of a boost from Guidotti's "World Cultures" references. By the way, the Neil Simon reference is an allusion the 1988 play-turned-movie, Biloxi Blues, about young WWII recruits at boot camp in Biloxi, Miss. The quote goes, "Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot." He took Jane, though.

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