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This Just In: July 31 - August 7

Girls Gone Idlewild!

Summary: A teen-age boy is caught secretly videotaping females changing in the pool area of Idlewild Park. Station: WPXI Channel 11 Reporter: Timyka Artist, "Live" When It Aired: July 22 Running Time:  1 minute, 47 seconds Visuals: * Artist wielding the self-made contraption the teen used to spy on women. * Outside the grassy knolls of idyllic Idlewild Park. Highlights: * Artist's introduction" "The suspect, who is just 15 years old, was allegedly caught by one of the women that he was secretly videotaping. Now tonight, not only is the teen-ager out of a summer job, but he's also been charged with disorderly conduct and he's in big, big trouble with the authorities." * When Artist explains, "Thanks to advances in technology, nowadays cell phones can do a lot. But what a 15-year-old water-park employee is accused of doing is downright illegal, even disturbing to some." * When an older, female park-goer says, "I'm shocked. I really am." * When Artist exclaims, "Park goers like [this woman] and her daughter are outraged by what happened in the popular family amusement park last Wednesday ... The suspect allegedly did it by attaching his cell phone to a broom handle and then holding it up to the rafters, a crime [to] which he later admitted, according to police, and when they asked him why, the boy said he didn't know." * When Artist reports, "[This woman] says it's very unsettling for her and her family, but she [has] no plans to forego one of her favorite summertime activities," and the woman continues, "Um, I'll probably still go a lot, but I probably will be a lot more careful where I, you know, go to change for the swimming area and stuff like that." * When Artist ends, "Well, Idlewild representatives aren't saying much tonight, but they did release this brief statement earlier today, saying, quote, 'We did dismiss a team member for breaking park policy. All other questions should be directed to Ligonier police.'" What We Learned: Apparently, there is a difference between "BIG" trouble and "BIG BIG" trouble! Unanswered Question: Doesn't official outrage call for some kind of couch-burning? News Value: 2. This reporting is a tad over the top for an isolated incident, which I don't find surprising at all. What does continue to surprise me is the fact that employers don't write or enforce policies that pertain to cell-phone usage in the work place.


Casey and the Fat

Summary: A favorite Steeler is sidelined for being out of shape. Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: Bob Allen When it Aired: July 28 Running Time: 1 minute, 33 seconds Visuals: * Super-size Steeler Casey Hampton lumbering around with pillows and a blanket as he arrives for training camp. Highlights: * When anchor Keith Jones announces, "The Steelers take to the field at St. Vincent College in Latrobe this afternoon for the first practice of training camp, but there's one Steeler who's too unfit to work out with the team -- a disappointing start, says coach Tomlin." * When Allen begins, "Well, at least one Steeler is starting out training camp in coach Mike Tomlin's dog house. All-Pro nose tackle Casey Hampton showed up at camp overweight and out of shape yesterday" -- while off-camera laughs can be heard in the studio. "Hampton was the only player who did not finish the eight 100-yard sprints; he could only run five of them. As a result, coach Tomlin put him on the physically-unable-to-perform list."  * When Tomlin gives his take during a press conference: "He's overweight and he's not conditioned enough to participate at this point," and assesses, "I'm sure he won't wake up tomorrow and be ready to go. He's gotta go through a process and we've gotta take him through that process and we'll just live day-to-day with it until he's at an acceptable level of conditioning and weight." * When Allen comments, "Now, coach Tomlin says he'll take Hampton off the PUP list when he shows that he can physically play. Meanwhile, Hampton is taking all of this in stride. He says he'll be ready to go on September 7 ... in the opener against Houston." * When Allen wraps, "Reporting live, Downtown, or actually on the North Shore near Heinz Field, Bob Allen, KDKA, TV morning news." What We Learned: It's time to get ready for 24/7 Steeler coverage, folks! Unanswered Question: Is this the biggest news to come out of training camp? News Value: 7. Important information for us Steelers fans, who also sometimes don't know whether we're Downtown or on the North Shore ...

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Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty

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