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This Just In: July 30 - August 6

Last Call

Summary: The last batch of Iron City beer rolls off the line in Lawrenceville. Reporter: Jennifer Abney, WPXI Channel 11 Airtime: 42 seconds on July 24 Visuals: * The tagline, "END OF AN ERA." * Inside the plant, where kegs are being transported via forklift. * Abney, in a blue blazer that blends in with the WPXI set background where she is standing, delivering the news with that proverbial "gleam in her eyes." Highlights: * When Abney announces, "New at noon: The end of an area for Iron City Brewing. The company rolled out its last kegs this morning. The company will still make them, just not at their historic Lawrenceville location. We were inside when the final kegs rolled out this morning." * When she adds, "Today's final kegging honored the tradition of ICB brands in Pittsburgh and celebrated its expansion through Western Pennsylvania. Workers we talked to are sad, though, to see it close." * When a male employee reflects, "Yeah, my dad worked in the bottle house for 42 years, I had two nephews working here. I mean, we got over 100 years in this plant. So, it's gonna be a change not coming in here in the mornings." * When Abney ends, "The brewery's new location is in Latrobe near St. Vincent College. It began brewing Iron City beers earlier this week." * What We Learned: That it might be time to start tapping into some other local beers. Unanswered Question: Is it possible to perform a "kegging" on a local news reporter? News Value: 2. Time to examine that oft-overlooked noon newscast. It's shorter and less filling than dinner, so we must lower our standards when reviewing it. Abney is one of the most recent cookie-cutter additions to the WPXI line-up, and excels at reading cookie-cutter stories like this one. Iron City has been brewed here since the Civil War, and has survived a lot of tough times. Now it is relocating to the former Rolling Rock plant (the "33" brand having previously been relocated to New Jersey). If this is such an historic occasion, don't just send a photographer out for some cutting and pasting. Grandma goes to bed early sometimes, and might miss that 5 p.m. broadcast. Is it too much to ask to give her some MEAT for lunch, to go with all those side dishes? 

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