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This Just In: January 28 - February 4

Happy Daze

Summary: A car show and Fonzie come to town! Reporter: Dave Crawley, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 1 minute, 55 seconds on Jan. 22 Highlights: * A still image of "The Fonz" from Happy Days, making his iconic "thumb up" gesture. * When anchor Patrice King Brown excitedly announces, "The World of Wheels rolled into the David L. Lawrence Convention Center today," and anchor Stacy Smith adds, "Now this year's version of the custom-car show includes a visit from an author -- better known for his acting. Dave Crawley meets 'The Fonz' in KD Country." * When Crawley sets the scene: "Doing a wheelie at the World of Wheels. From two wheels to four, the convention center is packed with a gleaming mélange of metal and chrome. This Boydster, owned by [this couple] of Wisconsin, is not one of a kind, but it is one of 10." * When one of the owners of the Boydster contends, "We've changed it enough that the other nine are not like ours." Crawley concedes, "Well, maybe it is one of a kind." * He continues, "Cars like these would appeal to 'Fonzie,' the star of Happy Days" -- who we then suddenly see talking about a new book he's just written, which seems to have something to do with dogsleds. Not clear what it has to do with cars, but hey -- he's The Fonz. * When Crawley explains, "Actor and author Henry Winkler will be signing his books and greeting fans this weekend. He has an admiration for car buffs." * When Winkler describes with almost parodic Shakespearean passion: "You see people's devotion and the artistry and the care and the precision on these automobiles. It is something special." * When Crawley reports, "This was students' day, as vo-tech kids got the day off to look at cars and careers. Ohio Technical College of Cleveland invited them into an 80-foot semi-trailer filled with special effects -- while outside, instructor Richard Markham shows how to airbrush artwork." * When Markham demonstrates the process: "This index finger is gonna press down for your air, and then you're gonna pull back for your paint. Well, the whole thing is to get control of this airbrush first. Once you got the control, then it's just a matter of somebody showing you the simple techniques." He hands off the airbrush, and lets Crawley try. "It looks like Mr. Potato Head," Markham critiques. What We Learned: When you're Fonzie, you can do pretty much anything you damn well please. Unanswered Question: Where is Pinky Tuscadero? News Value: 3. It's nice to promote the car show, but Fonzie just seemed out of place here. And the airbrushing? Crawley may have jumped the shark on this one.

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Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty

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