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This Just In: August 21 - 28

Bye, Bye Miss Pittsburgh Pie

Summary: A landmark Pittsburgh bakery closes after 70 years. Reporter: Jake Ploeger, WTAE Channel 4 Airtime: 1 minute, 11 seconds on Aug. 16 Visuals: * Inside the bright, airy -- and busy -- shop, where the line spills out the door as patrons wait for one last taste of locally flavored baked goods. * Archive film of the aftermath of the 2006 Thanksgiving bakery fire. Highlights: * When Ploeger opines, "It's the end of an era for a McKees Rocks landmark. Today, the Jenny Lee Bakery closed its doors for good ... and folks who stopped by for one last sweet treat say the bakery will be missed." * When a Robinson Township man mourns, "I'm bummed. This is a great place." * When Ploeger explains, "[This man] says he's been coming [here] since he was a kid, and he's sad to see it go." * When a McKees Rocks man waxes nostalgic, "It's been here a long time -- the best bakery in the world. The best cakes, pies -- whatever you wanted." * When Ploeger offers some historical perspective: "Back in November 2006, the bakery was destroyed by fire. Its owners were able to reopen it after about four months, but too much time had gone by, and the Jenny Lee Bakery had lost much of its clientele. But some say Jenny Lee is closing because it's more convenient for people to go to the supermarket rather than make that trip to McKees Rocks." * When a former employee of the bakery posits, "They go to the supermarket or Costco were the stuff is cheaper and it's all one stop. And like this, they have to make a special stop. ... That's mainly the thing that put them out of business." * When Ploeger reminds us of the families who will be financially impacted: "About 36 Jenny Lee employees will lose their jobs with today's closing." What We Learned: That big chains are flexing their evil, corporate hands as we speak, and chortling, "Let them eat cake!" Unanswered Question: Since when do all these men do the food shopping? News Value: 6. It is an unfortunate sign of the times for a bakery that used to have 14 shops, and this story, while short, is as sweet as the goodies the shop produced. There are some good bakeries still around: the Lincoln Bakery, in Bellevue; Dave's Terrace Bakery, in Whitehall; the Oakmont Bakery -- and let's not forget Prantl's, in Shadyside. This isn't a comprehensive list, but for the love of God, get thee to a bakery!

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