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Stuff We Like

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Photo by Luke Thor Travis

Pittsburghers Cheering on Marathoners. If you can’t run, then get out and holler encouraging words to those who can. It’s the run that’s fun for everyone.

Sign O’ The Times. After Prince died, many commentators cited this 1987 double LP as his creative peak. From sexy come-ons (“U Got the Look”) and searching pop (“I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man”) to the brooding title track, it’s got a range, depth and, of course, a funkiness few artists could match.

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Photo by Ryan Deto

Parma Sausage Mortadella. This Italian sandwich meat is smoky, peppery, fatty and mild — plus it’s locally produced. 1734 Penn Ave., Strip District

Roxane Gay. The author of Bad Feminist, a collection of essays covering topics like politics, feminism and race, Roxane Gay is a refreshing alternative to male politicians spewing about “the woman card.” She tweets @rgay; follow for her politics and stay for her live tweets while watching HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters.

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