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Stuff We Like

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Photo by Margaret Welsh

Truths from the sides of Dumpsters

“Pretty Pimpin,” by Kurt Vile. On the opening track of his new record, b’lieve i’m goin down, Vile has a chilled-out identity crisis and shows off his knack for weird, memorable song structures. 

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Photo by Rebecca Nuttall

Hedgehog Mug. The “Coffee is Critter-cal Mug” from online retailer ModCloth is a must for hedgehog-lovers everywhere. 

The Case Against the Roberts Court. This Oct. 12 special issue of The Nation documents how the U.S. Supreme Court has pillaged the Constitution, and democracy in general, from campaign finance to reproductive rights, since 2006 — and raises the specter of decades’ more devastation if the next president is a Republican.