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Stuff We Like

Jumping wedding party photos
Photo courtesy of Annie Perri Cole and Kris Radder Photography

Wedding Party Jump Photos.  At the photographer's cue, the bride, groom and the rest of the gang jump as high as they can. Laughs ensue for years when looking back on the goofy faces and contorted positions made during that exuberant split second.

Cake Toppers from Ready Go
Photo courtesy of Travis Neely Photography

Cake Toppers from Ready Go. Pittsburgher Nadia Marks Wojcik creates custom paper creations for the cake — brides, grooms, even pets.

Bride mural in pittsburgh
Photo by Al Hoff

Bride Mural. This trompe l'oeil work, from Judy Penzer, is near the corner of Penn Avenue and South Graham Street, in Garfield.

Hitchburgh. A new website designed to link local artisanal vendors to those planning weddings. Sign up to learn about upcoming events.

Tin hearts from Worker Bird
Photo by Lisa Cunningham

Tin Hearts from Worker Bird. It's a solid keepsake Valentine of wood and tin, cut and assembled by Pittsburgh crafter Kim Fox. Available at Wildcard, in Lawrenceville.

Reality-TV Nuptials, Bridezillas
Photo courtesy of WEtv

Reality-TV Nuptials. Over-the-top shows like Bridezillas, My Big Fat Redneck Wedding, Millionaire Matchmaker, Four Weddings and so on can help you feel good about not getting married.

Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty
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Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty

By Mars Johnson