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Stuff We Like

Down and Derby roller-skating at Belvedere's, in Lawrenceville. Like a fifth-grade birthday party ... with more alcohol. Sat., July 26, is "Yacht Rock."

The Bridge. This FX original crime series is back for a second season of intense, character-driven stories unfolding on the El Paso/Juarez border. Great ensemble cast makes it worth the time. 10 p.m. Wednesdays

Josh Harrison. Once the Pirates' first choice to be optioned back to the minors, Jay-Hay has been making big plays and the July 15 All-Star game. His rise to the top is almost as improbable the Pirates' 2013 season.

Doll Arms at the Carnegie Science Center. Among the household items excavated on nearby (and erstwhile) Portman Row. On staircase to lower level Omnimax Theater.

em.mack designs. This locally based Etsy store offers a stylish and eco-friendly way to stash your workout clothes. Available in a variety of patterns and sizes, these handmade bags are water-resistant, making them especially useful for sweaty activities like spinning or hot yoga.

The Circle by Dave Eggers. Upon first read, Eggers' 2013 novel-length satire on the tyranny of Silicon Valley culture felt a little hamfisted. But that was before everyone we knew began worshipping at the altar of Lyft and Uber.