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Friday, August 12, 2022

Stay Weird, Pittsburgh: Eulogy for a local pool, a catfish driver, and more

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It's been a week.
Hello, and welcome back to Stay Weird, Pittsburgh – a column providing you with Pittsburgh’s greatest hits of the week. I’m your host Hannah, and today we’ve got a doozy, starting off with:
Here at Pittsburgh City Paper, we mourn the loss of the 2022 Highland Park pool. As A&E editor Amanda Waltz said on seeing this: “What have they done to my boy!? My beautiful boy!” Our beautiful, scenic staycation destination, a pool truly for the girls and gays. Summer won’t be the same without you. (RIP 2022 Highland Park Pool, 2022-2022)

On the other hand, there is something very real about this image as we head toward the end of August. We begin summer with so much hope — like the Highland Park Pool when it first opened for the season, clear and perfectly blue and filled with chemicals — but, by the end of it, we too are closed down for the rest of the year and filled with mud. Makes you think!

Is this technically in Pittsburgh? No. But is it spiritually in Pittsburgh? I’d argue yes, if only for the fact that the only “person of interest” with regards to the truck is a large catfish who was simply trying to nest in his new apartment. We hope they put the truck back in the reservoir and let nature take its course.

With the recent news that someone has been Nutting (Bob Nutting, that is) in Pittsburgh’s whiskey and cider, it’s nice to know our rum will stay Nut-free. Another note on this: if I was a very rich man with a controversial track record (to say the least) and my last name happened to be “Nutting,” I feel like I would probably go ahead and get it changed. Or, you know, maybe go by something else. I hear “Bob No-Nutting” is available. But, hey … to each their own.

This one genuinely scared me a little! Whether or not you believe former Mayor Bill Peduto is our lord and savior Jesus Christ, why would you put this eerie message in front of Spak? Spak??? Let us eat our pickle pizzas in peace, man.
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