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I'm a straight male college student in a relationship, which had been going great. The only incongruity was that, for a religious reason, I don't want to have vaginal sex before marriage. I'm up for anything else -- I would eat her out, piss on her, whatever else -- but not vaginal sex. I made this clear at the beginning. My girlfriend started bringing up how she wanted to have "actual" sex. I told her, "I love you, and if you need to fuck other guys, go for it." To my relief, she was repulsed and offended by the suggestion.

A week later, she confessed that she had gone ahead and slept with someone. I had no idea I would be this hurt. I feel like I can't trust her now, and can't bring myself to sleep in her bed anymore. I feel like a hypocrite since I brought up the idea of her sleeping with someone else in the first place. But I was unprepared for the reality. She regrets the hookup. I don't know if I'm even asking for advice. I just wonder if I'm acting childishly.

Wishing Ancillary Fucking Felt Less Emotionally Ruinous


Your dilemma is interesting, WAFFLER, but you know what I'm more interested in? I'd really like to know which particular faith tradition frowns on vaginal intercourse before marriage ... but smiles on oral and piss scenes and OKs women having intercourse before marriage but only with men they don't intend to marry. 

That sounds like a church I should be tithing to.

Doing everything-but-vaginal for religious reasons is deeply silly. If you're going to be in a sexual relationship, be in a sexual relationship. Any God who frowns on vaginal-before-marriage also frowns on piss-play-before-marriage and eating-pussy-before-marriage.

As for your dilemma, either you need to find a girlfriend who wants what you want -- or doesn't want what you don't want -- or you need to stop playing games and start fucking the girl you've got.


To say that I have been bored at work is a gross understatement. I have turned it into an opportunity to read all the archived Savage Love columns I can find online, and three questions popped into my head while passing the time:

1. It seems to me that your advice is becoming less acidic as time passes. How has your attitude toward the sex-advice business changed over the years? How have your own views shifted?

2. Why don't women brag about their clit size?

3. Are you still into Ashton Kutcher or do you have a new fantasy flame?

Your Devoted Reader


1. I get a lot of letters telling me I've changed. Half tell me that I've become an insufferably bitchy, sacky twatty cunt prick, and half tell me I've gone soft, I've lost my edge, etc. Not sure what to make of that. And while my views haven't shifted much over the years, I have more sympathy for straight boys now than I did when I started out.

2. Clits aren't inserted into anything -- typically -- so a big clit doesn't earn a woman any bragging rights. And while the clit is central to a woman's sexual pleasure, it's not the showiest part of a woman's package. That would be the labia. And it's not the part a man is most interested in. That would be the vagina. So while the clit is hugely important to her, it's not necessarily important to him. So ... not much point in screaming and yelling about it, huh?

3. I still admire Ashton Kutcher's work ethic -- the man is an acting, producing, tweeting machine -- but my crush evaporated halfway through the first episode of Punk'd. My current celebrity crush is Bill Hader as Stefon on SNL's "Weekend Update."


I have recently started dating a sexually adventurous man. He is the first person to successfully fist me, and it's fantastic. When I orgasm, I squirt. Lots. Afterward, the sheets are soaked and I'm in a puddle. We've put towels down, but the sheer volume of liquid soaks through them. Without towels, it soaks through to the mattress. I'm not pleased about ruining my mattress, and sleeping on very wet sheets is not ideal.

I don't really want to sleep on a plastic-wrapped mattress and change my sheets every time we have sex. Does anything exist that's super-absorbent that I could put down during sex?

Wasting Endless Towels


The bed is a nice place to sleep, a good place to read and an obvious place to fuck. But you can have sex elsewhere. Instead of attempting to fist-and-squirt-proof your bed -- which is impossible -- go to a sporting-goods store and pick up a large, folding wrestling mat. Store it under the bed, and when your sexy time involves fisting -- and hopefully you're not fisting every time you have sex -- GET OUT OF BED, pull the mat out, throw some towels down, and squirt to your heart's content. Then when you're all over -- the towels, the mat, the floor -- you'll be able to crawl back into your warm, dry, comfortable bed.


HEY, EVERYBODY: Jason Robinson is -- was -- the football coach at Mandarin High School in Duval County, Fla. He was fired last month for sending "adult-oriented pictures" to a student ... a 20-year-old college student who happens to be Robinson's girlfriend. The mother of Robinson's girlfriend found the pictures on her daughter's phone and forwarded them to the principal of Robinson's school.

"We hold our teachers to a higher standard," principal Donna Richardson told reporters. "They're teaching our students how to become good characters."

This is sex-negative bullshit. Robinson and his girlfriend are consenting adults. And what consenting adults do on their own time -- with their own cell phones -- is no one else's business.

Savage Love readers stuck up for Constance McMillen after she was victimized by the homophobic morons who run her high school. Now we need to stick up for a straight high-school coach being victimized by the sexphobic morons who run his. People shouldn't lose their jobs after their privacy has been invaded, and people shouldn't be punished for engaging in private, consensual sex acts. Send an e-mail to Donna Richardson at [email protected]. Let Richardson know that she is in the wrong. And let others know to let her know.


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