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Road Trip To Pittsburgh, USA


Ranked as America's most livable city, Pittsburgh in the state of Pennsylvania, has two sides to it. The name doesn't do much justice to the appearance of the city. When we planned a trip to Pittsburgh last week, I must admit, I wasn't exactly jumping on the excitement wagon. All the news that floats around America, has frankly, made me dislike it ...

After about an hour of driving on the highway, we hit the country roads, with amazing landscapes and Mom, saying "WOW" every 20 minutes. Farms outstretched along the roads, and we got occasional glimpses of horses grazing on grass patches ...

An hour of driving inside the city, from large roads, to narrow ones, we got to the Inn. Let me tell you this, I have never seen a more amazing Inn in my life. It was just perfect. Equipped with a flat screen Samsung TV, DVD Player, two beds, a sofa, a dining table, and most importantly, utensils for cooking. I wished I could live there my whole life. My cousin had gone for his orientation, but after he got back, we went for a ride through downtown Pittsburgh. I must say, it is a very rich city. They just need to work on the roads a little bit. Cobblestoned roads, on which, 60 years ago, people traveled in horse buggies. Tall skyscrapers, rollercoaster-like roads, dingy shops, and glamourous shops, right beside each other. The whole experience was just mind-blowing.

Before leaving Pittsburgh the next day, we went to Mt. Washington. One can see the whole city of Pittsburgh from up there, as they have made arrangements for an incline train. We didn't go on the train, because we didn't feel the need to. Just standing there, was a mind-boggling experience for me. I cannot describe the beauty of Pittsburgh in words. It definitely is the most livable city in America, and it's the city that changed my standpoint about the U.S.A.

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