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Seriously? Pittsburgh gets a music festival


And it's only a few blocks from my apartment! The New American Music Union Festival (or NAMUF, as those of us in the know refer to it) was announced today. Nobody had any idea it was coming ... how did they keep this under wraps?

The festival was created by Anthony Keidis with (gasp) American Eagle Outfitters. The lineup clearly isn't going to compete with any of the major summer festivals, but as Pittsburgh concerts go, this one is pretty amazing. Seeing Bob Dylan perform on the South Side is going to be pretty incredible. I'm not a fan of the Raconteurs or Gnarls Barkley, but Spoon and The Roots are great scores.

I have no earthly idea where they're going to put the stages -- the SouthSide Works isn't big enough to hold something like this. Unless they do it over by the Steelers' practice facility further down the river ...

Nonetheless, this is very exciting music news for our city ... we're actually getting some summer concerts that aren't just country and classic rock!

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