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Pittsburgh City Paper resolutions for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Daryl Metcalfe and Tom Wolf

You can’t run on taglines and a good story this time

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I’m really good at making them and really bad at keeping them. But where I really shine is making resolutions for other people. So, here is some advice that other people should take in the new year. 

Gov. Tom Wolf

For your New Year’s resolution, Gov. Wolf, please resolve to run on your record when you stand for re-election in 2018. In 2014, you ran a solid campaign that saw you use your own money to buy TV commercials and take your story directly to the voters. It worked. Despite never holding public office or living in the public eye, you sold your story your way to the voters and they bought in. You were the outsider candidate who was going to run things differently. So, on the campaign trail, you need to show the citizens of the Commonwealth what you accomplished. Because to be honest, a lot of people aren’t sure. You never once passed an on-time budget, although you did manage to restore funding to things like public schools. But the fact is, you’re not an outsider anymore. You can’t run on taglines and a good story this time. The voters are going to want to see your record of accomplishment

Bob Nutting and the Pittsburgh Pirates front office

This organization needs to finally commit to winning. The Buccos front office often says it’s committed to winning, but the results at the end of the year tell a different story. The Pirates are expected to get roughly $50 million in revenue-sharing this year, and Forbes listed the team as Major League Baseball’s 17th most valuable (out of 30) in 2017, worth about $1.25 billion. However, the team is 20th in payroll, spending just over $75 million — more than $20 million less than average. Fans live in a constant rumor-churn about our best players being traded to build for the future. Well, some of us aren’t getting any younger and neither are superstars like McCutchen. Spend some money for once and resolve to finally be a winner.

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe

I know it seems like I constantly beat up on this Butler County Republican. Well, that would be because I actually do. But, this advice is genuine and heartfelt. In 2018, Daryl Metcalfe must resolve to be more positive and more honest. You have made a career out of attacking things that you don’t believe in. You have sponsored legislation that has led myself and others to conclude that you’re racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-science, anti-tolerance and anti-anyone-different-from-yourself. So, by saying you need to be more positive, I don’t mean you should think the way I think. But instead of writing legislation to hurt groups of people or ideas you dislike, maybe concentrate on more positive endeavors. Work for your constituents instead of working against other people. Stop obstructing the will of the people. You kill legislation in your committee because you don’t agree with it, like laws to protect against LGBT discrimination. Let these measures go forward for an honest debate and vote, instead of acting like an executioner of laws you’re against. If you can’t do that, then be honest with yourself and others. Own your bigotry and prejudice and stop pretending that you work for the people of Pennsylvania when you, in fact, work only for your narrow-minded agenda.

Filmmaker John Sayles

You, sir, should resolve to make another baseball movie. Eight Men Out is one of the greatest baseball films ever made. This time, however, you should do a Pittsburgh baseball story. I’ve even got some suggestions. How about a picture about the 1980s Pittsburgh Pirates drug trials? Everyone from Willie Stargell to the Pirate Parrot was dragged into that one. Or, the one I really favor, The Al Oliver Story, about an underrated player and, in my opinion, a Hall of Fame oversight. He was never given fair treatment here by the fans and even received death threats because he was black and labeled “cocky.” You could even start the second act of the film with Oliver being part of MLB’s first all-black starting lineup. The idea is free; just invite me to the premiere. Oh, and make me an executive producer.

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