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Letters to the Editor: Week of Oct. 26

Critic fails to reflect
I really enjoyed Gregory Knepp's review of In To My Self ["Mirror, Mirror," Oct. 19], especially his critique of "aesthetic import," or the lack thereof in my two videos.

While I embrace criticism, what a shame it didn't occur to you that "aesthetic import" is not paramount in every work of art. In fact, I find your glaring omission of the gender and nostalgia play most revealing. Too bad the stripped bare approach didn't elicit such readings. I guess recognizing subversive elements isn't as easy as a critique of formalism.

-- Ayanah Moor, Highland Park

Verdict is in
In Harry Kloman's review of The U.S. vs. John Lennon [Oct. 5], he says, "The jury is still out on Ono." In what way? John's development into a fine human being, peace activist/artist was because of her. She demanded it; he responded. Unfortunately, his first wife got the underdeveloped, angry boy who made her suffer a 1950s marriage.

-- Alex Gray, Highland Park

Pride of place

Re "Prince of the City" [Oct. 5]: Aaron Jentzen couldn't have written a better piece! He captured not only the talent and voice of newcomer Wiz Khalifa, but also the misunderstood, overlooked Pittsburgh hip-hop scene.

As a native of Pittsburgh's Hill District who relocated to NYC to pursue career goals in the media industry, many of my frustrations as well as sentiments were echoed by Wiz (who I had the pleasure of meeting in August at AllHipHop.com's NYC talent showcase) and many others in the article. I hope Wiz puts our city on the map -- not only to be accepted in the music industry, but for people to see Pittsburgh as more than just a "once-booming milltown whose NFL team finally won a fifth Super Bowl."

The violence and petty jealousies may never totally disappear, but maybe Pittsburgh's hip-hop generation can finally take pride in the city if Wiz blows up. Thanks for a great article!

-- Danielle Stolich, New York City