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Letters to the Editor: April 15 - 22

Still in his Right mind

I felt a need to respond to "Fear Itself" [April 8]. First of all, let me say that my heart goes out to the families of the fallen officers. I can't even imagine the pain that they are going through. This whole situation is an utter tragedy.

Inevitably, when something like this happens, ideologues of all stripes come out of the woodwork, selectively glean certain points and use the whole occurrence to advance their respective political agendas. You gave an example of a pro-gun talk show host doing it, and I have a feeling that the anti-gun people will be doing something similar in the coming weeks. It is absolutely repugnant when people and groups seize upon instances like this that have true human victims -- all because they like to engage in self-righteous declarations.

In the article, you focused your ire on whacky and extreme conservatives. While the Left has its own whacky adherents (such as the misguided contrarians, excessive income redistributionist-types, Chomsky-ite conspiracy theorists and utopian dreamers) I can readily admit that there are apocalyptic spasms in certain fringe groups on the Right. I also concur that the extreme Right has access to a much wider audience, is usually more shrill, and definitely has more sympathizers than the extreme Left. This is definitely disturbing. As a gun owner and governmental conservative, I feel that people like this give me a bad name.

I can assure you that my views are not dictated by reactionary blithering idiots like Limbaugh, Beck and their ilk. I use my own brain and I am willing to compromise. The extremists on both sides of the spectrum poison intellectual and political discourse in this country because they are the ones who get the headlines and the shows on AM radio.

We need rational and logical debate between disparate parties so that we can come to the most beneficial and utilitarian governmental policies. Incendiary sound bites, pointless partisan bickering and posturing get us nowhere. Yet, in the long-running "Culture War," that is all we seem to get.

-- Jason Depew, South Side

Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty
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Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty

By Mars Johnson