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Hi, I’m Gabby. I live with my Ghost Family

When the majority of your family are actual ghosts, it makes it hard to be afraid of ghosts

Hi, I’m Gabby. I live with my Ghost Family
Gab Bonesso
Flower crowns: A screenshot from Gab Bonesso’s Snapchat

There is something very odd about coming home and finding my mother’s bedroom door open. Mostly because Mom passed away three years ago and because the door was closed before I left for the day.

Hi, I’m Gabby. I live with my Ghost Family.

Seriously, I do.

In January of 2000, my father died in our family room. He lost a long and hard-fought battle with bladder cancer. My mother passed away in 2015. She spent her remaining non-hospital days in that same family room. Hell, my mother honestly spent the 15 years following my father’s death virtually living in that family room as though it were a shrine for my dad.

In 2016, my brother suddenly passed away, and without the guidance of our parents, we opted to have him cremated. Since I play the role of Norman Bates, care-taking the Bonesso Family Museum, it seemed natural for me to bring my brother’s urn home. It just made sense to have his remains in the family room. Or as I like to call it now, “The Ghost Family Room.”

I sometimes have a hard time being in that room. There is just a vibe. It feels cavernous and cold at times. Overall there is a wistful sadness of memories from our days of yore.

I recently watched a YouTube video where a woman said that you can use Snapchat to see ghosts in your house. Guys, I know. Just hear me out on this.

The woman in the video called out for a ghost in her house by name while using the dog ears filter. When she called out the woman’s name, dog ears appeared over a blank space - meaning that the filter can recognize a ghost’s facial image.

I’m not proud to say that I tried this experiment at home.

I walked into the family room and tried the flower crown filter. A flower crown appeared over my head (as it should have) and then I called out for my family. I swear to God, a flower crown appeared on the screen next to me as though someone taller was standing there. I got so excited I screamed, “Who’s there?” and a third flower crown appeared right below the second one! It was like both of my parents were visiting me. I got emotional and turned off the camera.

Now I’m sure you’re all reading this and thinking, “Poor Gabby has lost her mind again,” but I disagree.

I love living with my Ghost Family. It makes missing them slightly easier on me. Plus, when the majority of your family are actual ghosts, it makes it hard to be afraid of ghosts.

Bottom-line: this Halloween don’t get scared if you hear a bump in the night. It might just be your late Mee Maw saying, “Hi.”

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