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Gab Around 'Tahn

What is the most overrated thing about Pittsburgh?

I wanted to know what Pittsburghers think is the most overrated thing about Pittsburgh. I decided to annoy the members of my gym (Pittsburgh Kettlebell and Performance) to see what they think.

Scott, Dormont

"Primanti's. The sandwiches aren't that good."

GAB: Ouch. I'm a fan of the capicola myself, but okay.

Amanda, Peters Township

"Well ... I mean ... We're the most livable city, but our weather is awful. Even when it's supposed to be nice, its grey."

GAB: She's makes a good point.

Jesse, Bridgeville

"Well, I don't want people coming after me, but the Pittsburgh Pirates are overrated. They had like one good year and are back to not being so good."

GAB: Finally, I bugged Jess who told me to take her picture while she was stretching ... So I did.

Jessica, Moon

"They talk about how beautiful Pittsburgh is and it is, but not during January, February, and March. It's so ugly during those months and if you have allergies, this is the worst city to live in."

GAB: I'm not going to disagree with that. I take a Zyrtec a day to live in this town.

What do you think is the most overrated thing about Pittsburgh? Tweet me! I was going to say, "Sports," but I'd like to continue to live. Good thing I'm the interviewer not the interviewee.

Until next time, I'm Gab and maybe I'll see you around ’tahn.