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Volcanoes of the Deep

A very close-up look at the odd creatures who make underwater volcanoes their home

This languid IMAX feature from Stephen Low is not about lava-spewing eruptions; instead, it casts its magnifying lens on the bacteria, crabs and other sea creatures that move in after all the excitement. Under the premise of two aging scientists searching for the oldest living creature, Ed Harris narrates a journey into the depths of the Atlantic to a parasitic civilization that may or may not hold the key to human evolution. The implications extend further than the visually interesting -- yet needlessly large-formatted -- film's reach: Aside from some spectacular shots of iridescent disco jellyfish and a fantastic re-enactment of the Big Bang theory, the film is mostly a series of deep-sea shrimp having lunch, plus protracted shots of tubeworms. Those who want to see rolling fire ravaging the coral reefs, or who need their IMAX movies to feel like roller coasters, should stay away from this sedentary feature. Starts Fri., Nov. 20. Rangos Omnimax, Carnegie Science Center

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