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Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70's Ghana -- Vol. 2



For this, the second volume in a planned multi-volume series, British deejay and traveler Miles Cleret revisits many of the artists featured on volume one. From the Kusum beat of the Sweet Talks, Ogyatanaa's groundbreaking experiments, and K. Frimpong's minor-key depth, this collection continues to pull the very best from the region's mightiest innovators, while keeping a finger firmly on the dance-floor pulse. Perhaps more importantly, Cleret's exhaustive searches past the record markets and into the recording plants themselves allowed him to unearth un-issued tracks and mangled master tapes of oddities such as High Life mainstays The African Brothers' only stab at James Brown funk. Also found on Ghana Soundz are the aforementioned Ogyatanaa's heaviest, and heretofore-unreleased, grooves, something its LP Yerefrefre didn't quite reveal. As a result, we now have an ever-growing treasure of dateless funk, back from near death and ready to be danced to yet again.


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