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Two Or Three Things I Know About Her

Shot in widescreen and popping with glorious colors, Jean-Luc Godard's 1967 is a mosaic of words, images, philosophical ruminations and occasional moments of studied absurdity. What plot there is depicts a day in the life of Juliette (Marina Vlady), a young mother and housewife who dabbles in prostitution. Mostly the film offers persistent critiques of consumerism, gender roles and global politics (France's Vietnam problem now belongs to the U.S.). Also in the film's sights is a soulless form of progress, whereby Paris is remade into monoliths of concrete, and its citizens seek, but find little satisfaction in, shiny household goods. Even as an essay, Two demands attention: This is a think piece, rather than entertainment, and Godard employs various distancing devices such as repetition, unidentified characters and his own whispered narration. Some may find it too obtuse, but those willing to jigger the pieces together are apt to find Two invigorating, as well as a prescient snapshot of mid-'60s disaffection soon to bear violent fruit. To be screened in a new print. In French, with subtitles. Starts Fri., Feb. 2. Regent Square (AH)

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