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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Who will survive the backwoods battle of hillbillies and frat boys in this comedy?

You know that popular horror-movie set-up whereby some clueless college kids take a vacation in the woods, and are set upon by a psychotic, murderous hillbilly or two? Good -- because you'll want to know all the tropes to really appreciate Eli Craig's somewhat-gory comedy that flips the story. In a neat bit of role reversal, two grizzled but good-hearted backwoods buddies are mistaken for homicidal maniacs by the college campers, who try their darndest to kill before they are killed. Suffice it to say, none of these folks are very good at murdering; using a chain-saw, wood-chipper or pointy stick; or just running away. Thus, the bodies -- and the laughs -- pile up in this twisty, twisted parody. 9:30 p.m. nightly, Sat., Oct. 1, and Sun., Oct. 2; also, 9:30 p.m. nightly Oct. 5-8. Hollywood, Dormont

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